15 Ways to Allow Your Feminine Energy to Flow in Your Work, Money, Love and Life

15 Ways to Allow Your Feminine Energy to Flow in Your Work, Money, Love and Life

As I mentioned in my earlier article, The Rise of the Divine Feminine,our world is experiencing a profound energetic shift. The Divine Feminine is rising and changing the very fabric of life, affecting the way we work, make money, relate to one another, and more.

The old, primarily masculine way of operating in the world is no longer working. Years ago, hard work used to get us what we wanted. Nowadays, the harder we push, the less things flow. If you want to create abundance, love, and joy, it’s important to get in touch with your Divine Feminine energy.

Are you curious to know how feminine energy feels? How do you know when you’re experiencing it? If you’re like most people, you’re so comfortable with your masculine energy that you’re not quite sure how feminine energy feels. These fun, pleasurable practices will help you to become familiar with how your Divine Feminine energy feels and to get in the feminine flow.

15 Ways to
Allow Your Feminine Energy to Flow in Your Work, Money, Love and Life

1.  Enjoy Pleasure

Throughout the day, allow yourself to feel good. Enjoy things that bring you joy and pleasure, like savoring a delicious cup of coffee or tea, feeling the warmth of sunshine on your skin, receiving a massage, or making love to your partner or yourself. Be present so you can consciously enjoy the pleasurable sensations.

2.  Relax in Nature

Get outside in nature and bask in the beauty of the flowers, trees, and sunshine. Instead of doing a vigorous hike or physical activity, simply sit, be, look around, and enjoy. For example, relax in a lounge chair in your backyard, sit on a rock in the mountains, or wander through the trees. Can you hear the birds chirping? Can you feel a breeze gently blowing across your skin? Rest in the arms of Mother Nature, just like a baby being held in its mother’s arms.  

3.  Go with the Flow (and Let Go of Control!)

Rather than trying to control everything in your life (which is an impossible task and complete waste of time and energy), go with the flow. Rather than direct the boat, be the flow of water. Let life flow through you like a waterfall. Set aside fear. Have an open heart and say “yes” to the adventure of life!

4.  Flow Dance

When your body knows the feeling of flow, it will be much easier to go with the flow in your daily life. Turn on soft, flowing music, such as ocean waves or a slow or medium-paced song. Stand with your feet hip’s width apart. Sway your hips side-to-side. Allow your arms to sway side-to-side as well, until it feels like your body is flowing like water. Enjoy the feeling of flow.

5.  Listen

When someone is talking, breathe and listen. Listen with your heart as well as your mind. Breathe and pause before you respond. Listening is feminine, while talking is masculine. Similarly, listen to the still voice inside of you. Listen with love to what your body needs. Listen to what your inner child needs. Listening to others and yourself opens a whole new realm of connection and flow of the Divine Feminine energy.

6.  Bring Awareness into Your Body

Place one hand on your heart and the other hand on your lower belly. Take a few deep breaths. Bring your attention inward to your body. Notice how your body feels. What do you notice in your hips, back, and shoulders? Do you feel relaxation or tension? What do you notice in your heartspace? Feel the sensations. Being present in your body helps you feel safe and connected to yourself, which helps you feel safe enough to surrender, trust, and let go (all qualities of the Divine Feminine energy).

7.  Just BE

Chill out. Sit on a couch or a comfortable chair. Or even better, lie down on your bed and do NOTHING. Simply be. Set your phone or tablet aside. Resist the urge to constantly do. You are a human being, not a “human doing.” If this is too challenging, set an alarm for 5 minutes and simply be for 5 minutes. If your mind needs something to focus on, notice the warmth of your breath.

8.  Make Time to Listen to Your Intuition

Do you have difficulty hearing your intuition? Many people make the mistake of keeping themselves too busy and allowing their mind to constantly run with busy thoughts. Intuition is the language of the soul, not the mind. We must create time and space to tune into our intuition.

Make time to listen to your intuition, whether through meditation, daydreaming, a relaxing nature walk, or the Flow Dance (#4 above). In fact, all the feminine flow practices in this article can create a quiet feminine space for you to hear your intuition. Find what works for you. Feminine energy allows you to hear your intuition, while masculine energy helps you to take action based on your intuitive guidance. Get the answers you seek by getting in touch with the wisdom of your soul.

9. Take a Nap

When you find yourself in a cycle of doing and achieving, take a breather by taking a nap. Even if you do not feel tired, lie down anyway and rest your mind. Even 5-20 minutes of napping will help you let go and get in your feminine energy. Plus, napping can provide time and space to hear your intuition. Thomas Edison utilized short naps to tap into his intuition to invent many of his famous inventions! 

10. Schedule in Breaks

After exerting yourself, rest. Schedule in rest breaks after periods of intense giving or work. After teaching my last retreat in Hawaii, I scheduled 2 extra days to myself to relax and unwind. It made a world of difference! Our feminine energy is essential to recuperate and recalibrate after exerting ourselves or learning something new, so we can come back stronger and keep ourselves healthy, happy, and energized.

11. Meditate in the Womb of Creation

The feminine energy is the “space” in which we create, like the inside of a cave or womb. The masculine energy is the “spark” of inspiration, like striking a match inside a cave. Meditate and imagine that you are sitting in the womb of creation. Imagine that your own feminine energy and masculine energy come together and create something that you want in your life, such as a new opportunity, relationship, or money to live your dreams. Imagine receiving and experiencing your creation as though it is happening now.

12. Nurture Yourself

Do something today to nurture yourself, like cuddling with a blanket, making yourself a nutritious snack, taking a day off, or smiling at yourself in the mirror and saying “You’re amazing. I’m proud of you.” What kind of nourishment do you crave? What would help you feel nurtured and loved?

13. Explore Sacred Sexuality

Sacred sexuality helps you get in touch with the beauty of your sexual energy, which is also known as your life force energy. Your sexual energy can open your heart and create a feeling of aliveness, vitality, and joy within you. Sacred Sexuality is a dance of the divine masculine and feminine energies. It is one of the best ways to get in touch with your feminine energy! When you light your sexual fire, your feminine energy flows freely throughout your body and energy field. Stay tuned for my next article, “The Magic of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality.”

14. Practice Receiving

When someone gives you a compliment, simply say “Thank you.” Resist the urge to immediately compliment them back or to downplay it. If you do want to give them a compliment, first pause long enough to breathe in the compliment they gave you. Similarly, if someone offers to buy you dinner, allow them to. Practice receiving in small and big ways! Even if it’s uncomfortable in some moments, breathe, relax, and receive.

15. Accept Yourself and Others

The Divine Feminine is calling us to stop judging ourselves and others. Yes, discern what feels true to you. Discern what you believe and stand for. Discern who you want to spend your time with. Make decisions that align with your soul. Discern, but do not judge or make others wrong. Do not judge or make yourself wrong either. Judgment keeps us stuck and keeps our Divine Feminine energy locked in chains. Instead, listen to others and practice compassion, understanding, and allowing differences to simply be.  

Out of the 15 practices above, which one would you like to try first? Choose one and practice it today. Keep this list handy so you can review it often and practice all 15.

Remember that the Divine Feminine is calling you to come home to her. She wants to hold you. She wants you to relax and rest in her loving arms. She is the love you have been seeking. She is within you already. Release her and her power. Enjoy relaxing, receiving, and going with the flow of your Divine Feminine energy!


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