3 Ways to Shift Your Paradigm and Manifest Your Dreams


We all have “paradigms” that we’ve carried throughout our entire lives. These collections of thoughts and beliefs make up our understanding of “normal” and define our limitations.

They also draw the line in the sand between the life we know and the life we would love. Some paradigms whisper in our ear all the reasons why we can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t cross it. 

Most of the time, we listen. After all, they make sense in our current awareness, where circumstances, situations, and conditions demand all of our attention.

But if you would love to bring your desires to life, you won’t get there with the same thinking that got you to where you are today!

Which is why today, I want to share 3 ways to shift your paradigms, so you can go from being stuck in limiting beliefs to freely creating a life you love!

What Is a Paradigm?

Think of some of the beliefs you’ve carried throughout your life. They could be what your culture, family, or friends taught you about money, relationships, careers, and other important areas of life.

The root of most paradigms is found in our childhood. For example, something your parents would say over and over again…

“We’re not rich but at least we’re happy…”

Or as an adult, maybe you’ve had someone tell you that “you just have poor taste in men/women” or “you have bad luck in relationships” as a way to reason away your past relationship results.

In terms of your career, perhaps you had dreams you set aside because your family advised you to pursue something more “realistic” or “stable”.

When you hear the same things over and over again, whether it’s through family, friends, media, or school, these influences wire into your subconscious until you barely notice them. 

At that point, you accept those thoughts as facts and base the majority of your decisions off of the stories that repeat in the back of your subconscious mind.

Paradigms, however, are not inherently negative – they are simply our current operating system. We will always have paradigms! 

The issue comes from the thinking patterns and paradigms working to keep you stuck. 

Limiting paradigms try to protect you from any action that could lead to potential failure. Think of it as your internal thermostat that keeps you in the range of “normal” and pulls you back into your comfort zone whenever you try something new or different. 

It’s an operating system perfectly designed to keep you exactly where you are by using 3 main blocks: Dissuasion, Distraction, and Delay.  

Dissuasion: blocks successful change by trying to convince you that what you want really isn’t what you want at all.

Distraction: takes your attention away from your dream so that you have to devote all your attention and energy to something else.

Delay: convinces you to wait until tomorrow (or another vague time in the future) and moves your goals far into the distance. 

These tactics automatically trigger when you’re trying to change careers, build your dream home, find your soul mate, or take any other risk or change.

Essentially, your thoughts patterns (paradigms) cause you to procrastinate on the very things that will help you get to a life you would love. 

But, as I said above, paradigms are simply programs or patterns which can be supportive or limiting (or expansive vs contractive).

So how can you tell which one is which?

You can tell by the current results of your life, right now!

Your results are a perfect mirror for the paradigms you live by.

Being aware of your paradigms lets you recognize the thinking patterns that have led you to your current results and from there, you can start reprogramming them. With this in mind, let’s talk more about how to shift your paradigm in 3 easy steps.

3 Ways to Shift Your Paradigm and Change Your Results

For a moment, consider the pain you feel when you set out to do something that will truly change your life, but then days, weeks, or even years later you find yourself living the same life over and over again.

It’s easy to get down on yourself and feel like you don’t have what it takes, but the problem isn’t you.

The problem is a lack of support and awareness for how to change that automatic system inside of you that governs how much success and ease you can have.

Like I mentioned earlier, most of us don’t consciously install our paradigms because the majority of our thinking patterns occur throughout time without our awareness. 

As a result, the current paradigms you work with subconsciously tell you who you can be, what you can have, and what you can do. 

But there’s a way to have more freedom, success, and fun than you’ve been having. 

And it starts with understanding the difference between truth and fact.

1 – Recognize Your Paradigms by Knowing the Difference Between Truth and Fact

Your contractive paradigms use the “facts” of your life to create your limitations and keep you at the same level of success, ease, and fun that you’re used to having. 

Facts look like your weight, where you work, the money in your bank account, and other aspects that can change over time. They’re descriptions of life within a certain time and space.

But knowing the truth in the presence of facts gives you power over the circumstances, situations, and conditions in your life.

Because truth never changes. It is immutable, eternal, and cannot be changed by facts.

And the truth of your being is that you are spirit, which makes you far more powerful than ANY circumstance, situation, or condition. The spiritual power breathing you is Life seeking a freer, fuller expanded expression of itself through you.  

In order to use this truth to shift your paradigm, you have to reset your mindset by recognizing and releasing the limiting beliefs you’re used to.

Thomas Kuhn says it like this: All significant breakthroughs are break – “withs” old ways of thinking.

So the first step is: Know it does no good to make yourself wrong. 

Having limiting beliefs and paradigms isn’t something to beat yourself up about. All those times you’ve set your mind to do something, failed, and kicked yourself for it – set that aside. 

Instead, take a breath and say to yourself: That was then, this is now.

At the end of the day, the value of the goals you set for yourself isn’t about the attainment, but the growth. 

The growth from being someone who doesn’t attain their goals, to someone who does.

The fact here is that you’ve set goals before and haven’t fulfilled them.

The truth is you can always set new ones.

Then, when you set goals, recognize when your paradigms trigger.

Consider the goals you’ve set for yourself in the past that got side-tracked by procrastination, self-doubt, or uncertainty.

What you’ll notice as soon as you really set a goal are all the reasons you don’t think you can.

Your desire for “more” – for different – wakes up your limiting paradigms because it challenges the level of normal you’re currently set at. 

At that moment when the voice of “why you can’t” triggers, say: 

“I’ll talk to you later. Right now I’m focused on being the version of myself who achieves what I set out to do.”

Finally, take a baby step.

Immediately, write down three baby steps you can take in the direction of your goal. 

You don’t have to do them all in one day, but as soon as you accomplish those three, write three more (things you can do in five minutes or less).

By taking one step after another, you’re updating your paradigm to a more expansive, supportive thinking pattern. 

And as you keep moving gradually forward, you’re going to find that your “normal” has changed.

Ultimately, by recognizing your limiting paradigms, overriding and releasing them, and taking baby steps in the right direction, you begin to reprogram and shift your paradigm. 

And little by little, you’ll increase your sense of confidence in your ability to translate your dreams – vision – and goals – into the reality of a life you love. 

2. Replace Contractive Thought Patterns with Expansive, Brave Thinking

The second way to shift your paradigm is to replace the thought patterns that limit you with ones that uplift, encourage, and invite more success and abundance into your life.

In short, that means releasing “common hour thinking” with brave thinking principles!

Common hour thinking is the default setting we fall into when we rely on our own memories, paradigms, and programming to come up with our limitations and decisions. 

Phrases like…

“I can’t afford…”

“I need…”

And “I would have…”

…Signal lack and contraction.

Brave thinking, on the other hand, focuses on infinite possibilities and guides you to answer “what would you love?”

With its expansive language and positive attitude, brave thinking gives you real power, control, and authority over the circumstances, situations, and conditions around you. (You can learn more about brave thinking here.)

For example, common hour thinking would sound something like “I want to make more money and pay off all my debt.” 

Brave language would shift that statement into “I AM enjoying financial freedom and my bank account is open and willing to receive!”

This works because in order to create different results in your life, you have to first change your thinking. 

As a good rule of thumb, trend your thoughts and language towards positivity, specificity, and encouragement in the present moment! 

Once you become more fluent in brave thinking language, you’ll naturally shift from limiting paradigms to more supportive patterns of thinking!

3. Manifest Your Dreams By Using the Law of Attraction

The third method involves working with the Law of Attraction to shift your paradigm and create lasting, livable results.

You can read the full guide to the Law of Attraction here, but in summary, this Universal Law describes the relationship between your thoughts and how they create your reality. 

In other words, your thoughts carry vibrations, and those vibrations generate a frequency that attracts similar-energy things.

So if your thoughts are on the level of scarcity and lack, you attract more of those things into your reality. 

On the other hand, if you vibrate at a level of joy and abundance, you’ll attract more of those positive outcomes into your life.

It’s popularly understood as “like attracts like”, and there’s an entire science behind how the Law of Attraction works. But for our purposes we’ll be going over the three fundamental steps to start consciously using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.

The first thing people do to evolve their results is set their intention. 

They have an idea of what they would really love in their life. 

But most people have vague dreams like “I want to be better” or “I want to travel”. 

The key is this: the more specific you are in your intention, the sharper and clearer your vision will be. 

In addition, the more focused your picture is, the more attractive it will be. 

It’s about asking “what would you love” instead of “what do I think I can do”, which is the voice of your paradigm.  

And the difference in frequency between those two questions will attract different results into your life. Remember: never settle, always go for what you love.

The next step is to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.

What you pay attention to creates the energy of your thinking and emotions. So if you’re always entertaining negative thoughts and feelings, you’ll continue to attract similar experiences. 

Truth is, we all get discouraged, but the point is not to stay discouraged. Your contractive paradigms will want to keep you there, far away from the risk of change or failure, even if it means preventing you from reaching a positive result.

So to shift your paradigm, get into the habit of noticing your thoughts, how they impact your energy, and release the limiting beliefs for expansive, brave thinking. 

This will help you develop a mindset where you’re more interested in growth than comfort in service of your dream.

Finally, fully expect and accept the blessings coming your way.

Without a sense of deserving and expectation, your limiting paradigms will rear their heads and continue to Dissuade, Distract, and Delay you from what you would love in life.

As you move toward your dream, a sense of “Who am I to deserve this dream?” may come to mind.

This is your internal system trying to keep you at the same level of experiences – the same results – living the same life over and over again.

That’s what makes positive change feel uncomfortable because you’re changing what’s familiar to you.

And if you hold on to it, you will not be able to create the dream you say you want.

The truth is that no matter what has happened in the past, you are still worthy of all the good you can think of. 


Because we are created from the mind of the Infinite, which is worthiness itself.

Yet, this truth does not guarantee that you will feel deserving. This feeling must be nurtured and grown. But as you cultivate a deeper sense of worthiness, you will grow in closer harmony with the Law of Attraction and shift your paradigm towards grace, love, and gratitude.

Upgrade Your Paradigms to Upgrade Your Life

A while back, I had an old Macbook. 

For the longest time, I refused to update my software because I was so used to the operating system I used for years. 

I knew how it worked, where everything was, and I stubbornly refused to learn a whole new system.

Eventually, the version I was using became so slow and unusable that I finally decided to upgrade. And shortly after, there was another update. And another, and so on. 

Each system worked fine but with every upgrade came a more expansive system of increased efficiency and better results. 

But the point is that I had to be willing to let go of the old system I was used to.

A paradigm shift is a lot like updating your internal system. The current life experiences you have are the result of the program or thinking patterns that you’re currently working with. 

So by upgrading your system, you upgrade your results!

As we’ve discussed how to shift your paradigm, I hope you’ve noticed how simple it can be for you to manifest your dreams and create a life you love. 

That at any point you can erase the line in the sand and step out of your comfort zone in the direction of your dreams.

But if you feel like there are still subconscious blocks preventing you from taking the next step, I encourage you to watch my free abundance masterclass

By joining this class, you’ll discover the 3 most common abundance blocks and learn how to dissolve them so you can experience a greater flow of success, joy, and ease. 

We’ll break down the paradigms that keep most people stuck and reveal how highly successful people are able to attract consistent, sustainable abundance throughout their entire lives so you can do the same!

To your life-changing results,

Mary Morrissey


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