It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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4 Keys To Implement If You Hate Your Job

hating-job 4 Keys To Implement If You Hate Your Job

If you hate your job, leave it.

Simple, but not always easy.

Life is too short to waste doing a job that you hate.

Every minute that you waste is time you can never get back.

Nothing is worth your life, happiness and freedom.

Acknowledging how much you hate your job is the first step. It takes courage.

Next, feel the pain of what it’s costing you to spend time doing what you hate.

Don’t distract yourself, feel it.

There are always and will always be excuses and reasons as to why you can’t quit your job. Most of them will make sense, some of them will be true, and some will sound reasonable. However, most of them won’t make you happy or free. They certainly won’t get you where you want to go.

Remember, fortune favors the bold.

When you die, life gives you no refunds. And none of us know when that moment will come. So live with no regrets.

The reason we don’t leave the job that we hate is simply fear. Fear of survival, the unknown, people’s opinions, failure, and even success.

We also buy into our excuses because by doing so, we don’t have to actually put ourselves out there and risk possible failure.

Not going for your dreams can also be a protection mechanism by which you can always have the potential future fantasy and never have to risk what might or might not happen.

We often wait for the universe to provide the next opportunity before we leave our current job. But holding onto the job that you hate reinforces your lack of trust in the universe, and you aren’t truly available to something new.

In order to attract something new, you must release the old. We sometimes get so comfortable doing what we know, even though we hate it.

When you let go of the job that you hate, you move out of the vibration of lack and limitation, as well as create the space for something new to blossom in your life. As you move towards work that you love, you open yourself to the magic and abundance of life. Then the universe can bring you what you most need and is best for your soul.

If you aren’t ready to leave your job today, at the very least, whilst you are doing the job that you hate, consider this:

1. Acknowledge how much you hate your job and make sure you are taking specific, consistent and massive daily action towards what you really want.

2. Ask EVERYONE in your life for help and support towards creating work that you love. They may know of people or opportunities to connect you with.

3. Whilst you are doing the job that you hate, decide to give it everything that you’ve got. Do it with utmost excellence and do the best job you can possibly do where you are now. In doing so, rather than waiting for your dream job, you begin to transcend your current job and open to what you really want.

4. To create the life you want and live your true purpose requires commitment. Even if you don’t know the “HOW”, if you are truly 100% committed, you will always find a way.

In life, you get what you settle for. Stop settling for a job that you hate and create the job that you want.

Life is simply too short.

You get one opportunity to live your life.

The world is waiting for you to give your gifts.

The time is now.



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