5 Good Habits to Stay Grounded

grounded 5 Good Habits to Stay Grounded

It's time to step into February, as the concept of the newness of the year has already receded into the background and we are well entrenched into our many wayward ways which slowly start weaving their stress laden tentacles into our freshly rejuvenated spirits.

I would just love to laugh this off as a passing thought. A wave of the hand and a total ignore of a state of mind. I wish i could let such a level of comfort take over for the moment.

But we do realize that as the initial euphoria of our resolutions wears off, the chinks start appearing, and the slow rise of small stresses begins to show up, we need to start using our skills to take charge of our lives.

Of course all of us over the years have found various paths according to our temperament, of stress relief. We all develop skillfully our own innovative ways of dealing with stress.

Research has shown that the most successful way of finding stress relief, is found by people who keep their journey on the Spiritual path.

Spirituality has nothing to do with our inherent religious faith. That is a very personal "within" affair. This has everything to do with feeling centered and sorted. Our intrinsic belief in the Universal source from which we all emerge, and our faith in its power to take care of us, is what keeps us truly grounded, relaxed and away from the travails of stress.

Before we step into the another month of this year and start to stop envisioning the gallop of the year ahead, I just want to en-capsule a few good habits which we can actually inculcate within our systems, so that the nitty gritty of life doesn't actually wash away the resolutions of our New Year's journey.

Keeping this perspective in view I feel it is very important to look for long term stress relievers, rather than instant relief measures.


There are certain habits, which when inculcated in our systems can actually help in increasing our resilience to stress. It is only natural that in our daily life much will happen to distress us and build up our stress levels, but keeping a few simple habits going within, will always keep us de-stressed.


Looking after ones body as much as the mind is extremely essential.

1. Getting enough sleep

2. Eating healthy food

These are two factors that contribute essentially to our state of mind and directly influence our stress levels.

Eating well keeps the flow of energy correct in our body. Too many sugary and starchy foods tend to make you lethargic and raise your stress levels. There is not enough nutrients in the empty calories being consumed. They just build fat deposits which lead to randomly stressful feelings.

Sleep on the other hand is the greatest restorer of our body circuits. When we are well rested, even our brains work at a sharper level. Taking care of the body makes you realize that an adequately pampered body, most definitely keeps stress levels at bay.


Regular practice of meditation brings long term resilience towards stress. It makes meditation easier to engage in when feeling overly stressed. The mental discipline helps in the long run. This is an essential ingredient for our overall health. 


It is of course good for physical fitness but it is also extremely beneficial in stress relieving therapy.

You can let go of a lot of pent up emotions. Your frustrations will naturally fizzle away. Circulation in the body leads to a completely new kind of feel good factor which enhances the overall feeling of wellness, health and joy.


It is very important to keep your focus in place. This is what keeps you from going through emotional upheavals, keeping a calm pace and maintaining peace within. It helps you to keep away from directly addressing emotional issues. So in a way it keeps you away from different emotional experiences and thereby diminishes distress.


This is the Master key way of handling stress. Consistency in handling stress and remaining calm is very essential. Taking small and simple steps constantly keeps you in a steady and consistently resilient state of mind.

Be stress free through the year by following a simple, habitual, mental disciplinary routine. Believe me, it's not as tough as you might think it is. Occasionally treating yourself to a day off is OK, but you may not need it as you get addicted to your new and healthy routine.

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