5 Simple Secrets To Responsible Dog Parenting


Bringing a pet home is a responsibility, just like raising a baby. The pet deserves all the love, care, and attention you can give, but some dog owners take things for granted. Failing to do your bit for your canine companion can have dire implications. Dogs easily fall prey to health issues and anxiety when they are ignored, and it is the last thing any pet parent would want to deal with. Fortunately, responsible pet parenting is not a lot of work. Just a little care mixed with lots of love can go a long way in keeping the canine healthy and happy over the years. Let us unveil some simple secrets that can help.

Make it a part of the family

Dog ownership is about adopting a new member for your family, so you must consider it as a commitment. Ensure that your family is happy with the decision. It expects warmth and companionship from everyone in the house, and it should get enough of both. When you bring a dog home, make sure that you have enough room indoors and in your family’s hearts.

Pet-proof your home

Responsible dog parenting is also about giving it a safe living space. Your home should be free of physical threats in the first place. If there are larger dogs or unruly kids around, a new puppy can be in danger. Additionally, you must be aware of the harmful foods and products and keep them out of reach. Accidents with pets happen, and prevention is the best defense.

Go the extra mile with healthcare

Caring for the health of your pet is another aspect of responsible ownership. Conditions like allergies, anxiety, insomnia and joint pains are common in canines. Pay attention to early signs and get help. If the dog suffers from more severe conditions like seizures, look for alternatives. Discuss the option of cbd oil for dog seizures with your vet because it is natural and safe for long-term use. Be regular with scheduled check-ups and vaccinations too.

Invest time in exercise

Exercise is imperative for your dog as it keeps the animal fit and enables it to release extra energy. If it doesn’t get enough, you can even expect it to develop negative behavioral issues. Investing time in your pet’s exercise is important. Take it for regular walks and plan fun activities to keep it busy indoors. You can even bond over exercise to raise a calm and happy dog.

Train your dog

Another responsibility you cannot go slack with is training. Begin with the basics like cues to stay and sit because they help you develop obedience in the pet. Toilet training is essential because it makes life easy for you, so start early. Consider professional training for the initial months to ensure that the dog has the right mannerisms. Practicing regularity with daily routines for feeding, exercise, and resting also supports training.

Dog ownership requires commitment for a lifetime. Bring it home only if you can handle these responsibilities and give it a loving home and family.

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