5 Simple Ways To Show Your Love for Humanity

5 Simple Ways To Show Your Love for Humanity

Love comes in various shapes, forms, and varying degrees but it is an essential part of humanity. The greatest kind of love is not the love of yourself. Rather, it is the love towards your fellow humans, even for those you don’t know and that are not part of your family. It is often hard to love humanity when you see certain things people are capable of doing, but there are still billions of others who deserve love and kindness. If you would love to work on yourself and your love towards humanity and seek ways to show that, here are simple ways to do it. 

Always Look for Good in People

All people have their good and bad sides, it’s not always just the one. Everyone is capable of changing and becoming a better version of themselves. So, when meeting new people try not to judge them based on the bad things they may have done. Try and see their good sides too, and only when you’ve got the whole picture, bring your own judgment about them. No matter how bad a person may seem maybe they are only looking for someone to understand them and see their good qualities.

Take Control Over Your Media

We are all using social media and it is easy to get overwhelmed by sensational stories presenting people and humanity in a “bad” way. Those stories are often online in order to attract clicks, likes, and shares, and if those bother you, you should take control over what’s served to you online. Since everything works on an algorithm, you can easily look for stories about people who persevered and overcame obstacles in their lives, and about people who love helping others. This way, you can still that there are still good people in this world who love humanity just as much as you do. And to show your own love, you can start sharing such stories and let other people see that not everything has to be drama - there are beautiful things and actions, too. 

Get Involved and Help Those In Need

If just sharing stories isn’t enough for you, there is so much more you can do to help fellow humans. Volunteering is one of the most common ways to help those in need and provide a better life for them. Helping others is inspiring since you can see how you are changing lives and how other people want to help others, too. To start, you can find a local volunteering kitchen or join other organizations that donate to the less fortunate. And if you want to do more, you can start building homes for those in need by joining Habitat for Humanity and really making a family happy. 

Such organizations and foundations focus on helping humans get a fresh start, feed their families, and educate themselves. Every person has the right to those things and it is our job to help them reach it when life isn’t providing enough opportunities. 

Practice Mindfulness

According to a lot of research, when we are too consumed by our stress, negativity, and problems, it is often hard to step outside of that and care about others. The best practice to reduce stress and reflect on both yourself and others is to practice mindfulness. Through that practice, you will improve your mental health and stay open to everything around you. 

You can start practicing mindfulness through meditation. Meditation has proven to reduce stress and increase your attention and willingness to help others. This practice allows you to stay present and in the moment as well as to open your capacity for moral elevation. 

Treat Everyone as Equals

Equality is something the world struggles with and people are doing their best to bring equality to everyone. As humans, we are all created equal, we all have good and bad sides and thus should be treated equally. We live under the same sky on the same planet, we all have to drink and eat and we all have feelings and aspirations in life. So why should anyone be treated differently?

You can really show your love for humanity by treating everyone as equals. This means you should let go of all your stereotypes and biases. See people for who they are and not their bank accounts, the color of their skin, or their jobs. It is easy to judge and hate someone, but if you are truly a strong person you would treat everyone with the same respect and try to understand them.

As Dalai Lama said, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” Do your best to love people since there are so many great ways to appreciate and love all humans. 

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