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5 Tips for Avoiding Gallstones

5 Tips for Avoiding Gallstones - Mia Barnes

Gallstones can be a severe detriment to your lifestyle. They can cause pain and even more serious health issues if left unchecked. As a result, you should avoid them whenever possible, whether by preventive methods or by dealing with them as they come. These five tips detail easy ways to keep gallstones from becoming an issue in your life — and you may improve other aspects of your health at the same time.

1. Change Your Diet

What you eat can affect your body in several ways. You're bound to see negative repercussions in your body if you're consuming the wrong food. You can lessen your risk of developing gallstones by changing how you eat.

Fatty diets can lead to bad health overall, so you should aim to eat nutritious food at every meal. Fewer carbohydrates and refined sugars can improve your diet, but you should also focus on fiber-rich foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Healthy fats, often found in olive oil and avocados, can also help you get your daily fat intake without consuming something that could be bad for you.

2. Start Preventive Medication

It's always best to prevent problems before they begin. If you are at high risk for gallstone disease, finding a medication that dissolves them before they form is an excellent line of defense for your body.

For example, Ursodiol is a medication that can remove gallstones without surgery. You have to take it for a few months to see the effects. Still, if surgery isn't an option for you, it's an excellent alternative that isn't invasive and can give you good results with prolonged use.

3. Consider Surgery

No one likes the idea of surgery, but it may be just the thing to stop your issues with gallstones for good. A one-time operation is more manageable than taking medication every day, so you may find it more convenient in the long run.

Over half a million gallbladder surgeries happen in the United States every year. They enable people to live more comfortably, without fear of gallstones, gallbladder pain or dysfunction. Millions of adults in the country face this type of pain, so it's logical that many would turn to a trusted operation to get relief. Without treatment, you could see gallstones or other negative symptoms creep up on you again in the future.

4. Watch Your Weight Loss

Your doctor may have told you to lose weight, or maybe you're doing it for your benefit. Many people are on a journey to get slimmer, but doing it safely is another concern. Obesity is a risk factor for gallstones, so you may want to start exercising more and eating healthier.

You also want to maintain your weight and lose it slowly and progressively rather than all at once. Slimming down too quickly might lead to more gallstones, as extra cholesterol goes into bile and can create more of them.

Stay away from crash diets that promise fast weight loss. They often have downsides other than gallstones that can negatively affect your body. The best method is to change your lifestyle gradually, and you should see improvements. Remember to listen to your body and practice good eating habits.

5. Exercise Well

Living a healthy life helps you lose weight and feel better about yourself, but it also helps your body function to the best of its ability. Lower-intensity exercises, such as yoga, are great ways to start out leading a healthier lifestyle. Those who already exercise regularly should consider upping their regimen with higher intensity.

Aim for a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session if you want to challenge yourself. Even if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, two and a half hours of exercise per week should be enough for adults to maintain their health. Aim for a mixture of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

Keep Your Gallbladder — and the Rest of Your Body — Healthy

Maintaining your health gets more challenging the older you are. When you have more responsibilities to handle, you may find that self-care doesn't seem as important. Treat yourself well, and you just may reduce the need for medication or surgery in the future.


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