5 Ways to Embrace Acceptance and Self-Love

5 Ways to Embrace Acceptance and Self-Love

Whatever you are going through right now, know that you are always the one in full control of your life. The law of attraction is true to its meaning: all thoughts turn into things, eventually. Like attracts like, so to speak. In other words, the energy from our thoughts, be it positive or negative, attracts experiences of the same energy to come into our lives or manifest. This kind of mindset is imperative especially when confronted with the underlying challenges in your life. Acknowledging your emotions, especially any feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness, insolvency, and gaslighting is the first step towards rebuilding one’s sense of acceptance and self-love. 

Self-love is something many people do not consider because we tend to put the needs of others first before ourselves. However, it becomes important for you to care for yourself first, otherwise, you may not be able to care for others.

Choosing to live with acceptance helps you to realize and appreciate your qualities, both good and bad, and this can help alleviate any feelings of frustration, unhappiness, and anger. When you accept the reality of whatever struggle life throws at you, then you are living with acceptance. To not live with acceptance is to ignore your limitations and needs rather than strategizing to meet them. If you live with acceptance you do not sabotage yourself.

You need to have a sound and rested mind so you can work and make improvements, be rational, and your body cooperates. When you need a motivational lift, you can rely on these ways to ensure you give yourself the love and acceptance you need. Start honoring your journey with these tips:

1. Establish a routine.

Routines allow you to create positive daily habits that promote self-care which in turn can also give you a confidence boost. To feel better about yourself, all it takes is just a little extra planning. Think of activities that you can commit to — those that can make your time valuable. When you structure your day, you can improve your focus, be more productive than usual, and have a sense of control. Ensure that the routines you build make you happy, feel fulfilled, and satisfied. If you can, incorporate activities that can also make up for the movement of your body. Whether big or small movements, incorporating them into your routine can be a big achievement. If you start living and organizing your time around things that can help you be productive, you can maintain happiness and feelings of fulfillment. 

2. Get artsy and in touch with your creative thinking side. 

You do not have to make an entire painting and reveal your inner Picasso but you can try and appreciate art and all its forms. Music can help you decompress from daily life. Music is proven to decrease anxiety, and increase your self-awareness and overall mindfulness. Art therapy can help calm your mind and improve your mood. Appreciation for or making art can help you with mental focus. Looking at, examining, and reflecting on art pieces can become your new meditation practice.

3. Revisit your diet and sleep

Improving your diet with locally-based foods will not only give you more energy but also boost your immune system and mood. You should consider omitting some unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. Instead, get lots of sleep and when you can, practice moving your body -  even closing and opening of palms counts! Light exercises can be big in the grand scheme of things.

4. Communicate

The 3rd priority in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, after the needs of the body and the need for security, is the need for “belongingness”. Connecting with people, joining groups, and engaging in conversations provide the social support we all need. It increases our engagement and helps us forge better relationships. While it is relatively easy to let our problems become the main focus of our lives, communicating and sharing our feelings can help us obtain acceptance. By providing well-researched facts and personal explanations of what you are going through, you promote understanding, which leads to compassion.

5. Smile and move forward.

It might take a while for you to loosen up and see the silver lining in any situation you’re in but when you have finally realized that life, indeed, is often a mind game, I hope you smile more and move forward. Studies revealed that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin. These induce activity in your brain which can make you feel good from the inside and out. Not only do these elevate your mood but they also relax your muscles and lessen any physical pain. Additionally, it can help lower your blood sugar and blood pressure as well as boost your immune system. It is easy to be sad and disappointed with everything and anything that’s going on in your life, and it is okay to feel a certain way. But, taking the challenge of changing your own view and perspective can be transformative and life-changing. You need to let acceptance and self-love overrule to be able to see a glimmer of hope not only for yourself but also for the people around you.

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