5 Ways to Light Your Sexual Fire for Confidence, Creativity, Love, and Joy

fire-heart-961194_1920-1 5 Ways to Light Your Sexual Fire for Confidence, Creativity, Love, and Joy

Have you lit your sexual fire? Are you feeling alive, vibrant, and TURNED ON in your life? 

Your sexuality is vital to your health, happiness, and life purpose. Awakening to the sacredness and creative potential of our sexuality is the next phase of our spiritual evolution on the planet. 

In my recent article “Light Your Sexual Fire in 2020,” I shared that your sexuality boosts your health, creativity, intuition, self-love, confidence, divine connection, worthiness, money flow, abundance, happiness, fulfillment and romance. Embracing your sexuality can drastically improve your life in 2020 (yes, even in the midst of a pandemic). 

Now let’s explore what your sexual fire is and how you can light it.

 What is Sexual Fire?

Your sexual fire is the spark of life that ignites your sexual energy. Your sexual energy is your life force energy. It is your soul essence flowing through your physical body.

Your sexual fire is an energetic fire glowing within your genitals and lower belly or sacred womb. It warms you up and gets your sexual energy flowing (just like a fireplace warms a house). When your sexual fire is lit and glowing brightly throughout your entire body and energy field, you feel alive, passionate, vibrant, and turned ON.

You know the "afterglow" that comes after really good sex? Imagine feeling that loving, warm, open, expansive feeling throughout the entire day, whether you’re at work, at play, or with your family.

Your sexual fire impacts how you show up in the world, including your confidence level, your flow of abundance and joy, how willing you are to go for what you want, how willing you are to express your creative ideas and opinions at work, and so much more.

Lighting your sexual fire is something you do for YOU, not for anyone else (no partner required)! In fact, lighting your sexual fire is not even about having sex. It’s about feeling turned on and full of passion in your daily life, to boost your creativity, confidence, and self-expression. It’s about living in a way that lights you up!


5 Ways to Light Your Sexual Fire

Let’s light up your entire life by lighting your sexual fire.

5 Ways to Light Your Sexual Fire for Confidence, Creativity, Love, and Joy

1) Hot Hips


One of my favorite ways to heat up your sexual fire involves moving your hips. The Hot Hips exercise can clear blocks (including stored trauma) from your hips and open the flow of energy through your root and sacral chakras.

Stand tall with your hands on your hips. Slowly tilt your hips side to side, as if you were bumping into a wall next to you. Then draw an infinity symbol with your hips. Let loose and follow your hips’ lead. They will show you how they want to move. If you feel inspired, turn on music and dance in a sensual way.


2) Wear Something Sexy Just for You

Recently, I mentioned on social media that it was National Lingerie Day. One of my community members commented that she wears lingerie on a regular basis even though she’s single, because it helps her feel good about herself. Yes! That’s what it’s all about! This is about lighting YOUR sexual fire, not about how you look to anyone else.

What if you wear sexy underwear or lingerie underneath your clothes? Or what if you rock a dress or outfit that makes you feel hot? Clothes have a tremendous impact on how we feel.

Even if you don’t think you’re sexy, wear something sexy anyway. Keep in mind that sexiness comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter how you feel about your body, you have a natural birthright to feel sexy. After all, sexiness comes from self-love and confidence.


3) Think Sexy Thoughts


Do you allow yourself to have sexual fantasies? If you were a queen or king and could have anything you want, what would it be?

Throughout the day, allow your mind to wander to a sexual fantasy. Who would be there? What would they do to you? What would you do to them? 

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is “real” and what is “imagined.” That’s why sexual fantasies can light our sexual fire in an instant! Your body, mind and spirit are intricately connected. Think sexy thoughts throughout the day to keep your sexual fire light and glowing brightly. 


4) Self-Pleasure


Waiting on a partner to satisfy you is so out-of-style. You have the power to satisfy yourself! You can bring yourself earth-shattering pleasure and mind-blowing sex through solo self-pleasure (a.k.a. sacred masturbation). Self-pleasure is normal, natural, and one of the best ways to light your sexual fire!

Create a nice atmosphere by lighting candles, playing music, or whatever helps you get in the mood. Start by massaging your body with oil or taking a relaxing bath. Then take your time pleasuring yourself, with or without toys. Ask your body what it wants to experience and give that to yourself.


5) Sexual Fire Meditation


Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Set aside stress. Call on your higher self (soul) and the Divine. Place your hands on your lower stomach (or if you’re brave, one hand on your stomach and one hand on your genitals).

Notice or imagine the energetic fire glowing in your genitals and lower stomach. Notice the color and brightness. Just be with it for a few moments. Then, give the fire permission to amplify and glow brighter. Allow or imagine that it glows all throughout your body, all the way to the top of your head and overflowing into your energy field. Breathe and enjoy the sensations of your sexual fire.   

After reading these 5 techniques, are you feeling inspired or maybe even turned on? I feel turned on just writing this! May these techniques help you to spark your sexual fire. Have fun with them. Remember it’s about showing up confidently, creatively, and passionately full of love in our daily lives.

Action Step: Light Your Sexual Fire

Choose one of the 5 techniques above and try it out! Notice how you feel.

Try starting your day with one of the techniques to get your sexual fire going. Then incorporate the other techniques throughout your day. Take note over time of the positive changes this practice brings to your work, health, and romance, including confidence, happiness, creativity, and abundance.


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