It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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5 Ways To Position Your Life For Greater Abundance

dairycows 5 Spiritual Principles to Experience Greater Prosperity In Your Life

There once was a man who lived just outside of Pittsburgh.

He operated a small dairy farm. Day in and day out he worked laboriously, earning a meager living for himself and his family.

One day, several men who had been surveying some adjacent land walked across the pasture. The farmer noticed them as they were crossing a stream of water that ran through the field.

Suddenly, some of the men stooped down, and the farmer watched as they began studying the slime and the scum that had collected against the crude footbridge the farmer had laid there.

One man scooped up some water in his hand and drank it. Another collected some water in a canteen he carried attached to a buckle on his belt.

The farmer was puzzled and wondered why anyone would be interested in that water. Even the cattle didn’t like it – they always pushed the scum aside to drink the clear water.

Some weeks later, one of the men who had been studying the water in the stream called the farmer and offered him a fabulous price for his farm.

The farmer thought,

“This man must be crazy. Why is he offering so much money for such a mediocre farm like mine? He’ll never get his investment back!”

But the farmer was joyful at the prospect of receiving so much money. So, he sold the farm and bought another one in Canada where his brother lived.

Soon, the new owners of the farm began setting up some strange-looking tower-like contraptions on the land they’d bought.

Word spread like wildfire that they had found oil underneath the old dairy farmer’s land.

Within just a few years, that farm of less than 100 acres produced millions of dollars in oil for its new owners.

The farmer, who continued to work his farm in Canada, worked hard and remained poor because he knew only how to scratch the surface and till the soil.

Nature had supplied abundance for the man, but because he only saw the farm as acres of stones and dirt, he wasn’t ever able to access that abundance.

When we block abundance

Like the farmer in this story, many of us are not aware of the abundance that exists all around us, should we just take a closer look.

Many of us tend to actually block abundance from flowing into and through our lives – first by the thoughts we think, and then through our actions.

As my good friend Bob Proctor says,

“Most people don’t earn $50,000 a year because they want to earn $50,000 per year… they earn $50,000 per year because they are not aware of how to earn $50,000 per month!”

So now, if you’d love to be more financially abundant, but you’re not sure how to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you’d truly love to be…

5 abundance principles to attracting greater prosperity

Here are 5 spiritual abundance principles that will help you to begin attracting greater prosperity into your life.

The following principles only take a few minutes each to implement in your day-to-day routine, and while they’re simple, they are extremely powerful.

These principles will support you in shifting to a higher frequency of thought and, as a result of this, you’ll find that your external results will shift very, very quickly!

1. People who think abundant thoughts live abundant lives.


“The key to abundance is to meet limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.”

– Marianne Williamson

People who lead abundant lives realize that their results are an expression of their thinking. If they don’t like their results, they change their thoughts.

In other words, the thoughts you habitually think create your circumstances, situations and conditions.

For example, if you constantly begin thinking about success, you will start to see elements of success in your life.

But so often, many of us fall into a way of thinking that what we currently have isn’t “enough.”

This is what I call a limiting belief.

At one point in your life, you may have the thought,

“Geez, I only have $20 in my wallet!”

There’s a certain amount of constriction that’s associated with a scarcity-based thought like this.

Instead of focusing on thinking that what you currently have is not enough, shift your thinking so that you’re actually expressing gratitude for what you do have.

For example, why not bless that $20 in your wallet?

One way to do this is to give energy to the thought,

“I’m so grateful for this $20 I have in my wallet!”

Express gratitude for the abundance you currently have, and you’ll begin to experience more of it in your life.

It’s through your thoughts and responses that you cultivate and display greatness, one moment and one situation at a time.

2. There is enough abundance for everyone.


“No one is kept in poverty by a shortness in the supply of riches. There is more than enough for all.”

– Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

People with an abundant mindset see the world in terms of win-win. They are genuinely happy for the successes, well-being, achievements, recognition and good fortune of other people.

They go out of their way to help others and contribute to their greatness because in doing so they believe we can all achieve more.

People with an abundant mindset also operate from a strong sense of self-worth. They know the results they see (or don’t see) in their lives are a direct representation of how they feel about themselves.

They believe that if they want to transform their dreams into reality and create lives they love living, it’s important to see themselves as someone who is 100% WORTHY of living their dream life — and capable of creating it.

Consequently, they’re able to generate new opportunities and possibilities for themselves and their lives much more easily than others may be able to.

To shift yourself into an abundant mindset, you must first embrace the truth that we live in a truly abundant world and infinite intelligence has countless ways to bless you. It may not always feel this way when you’re experiencing scarcity, lack or a setback, but it’s true.

Below are my three personal favorite books on abundance that illustrate this principle beautifully.

If your bank account balance is low, you might have a feeling of lack, but if you suddenly receive a large bonus at work, you may start thinking of yourself as abundant…

But it’s important to remember that the source of your abundance remains the same.

Your source of abundance is life itself. Sometimes, a change in circumstances will cut one channel off – but if you look carefully, you’ll find another one appears in its place.

Think of it this way: If one person takes a breath, there isn’t less air available for the next person.

Abundance works in the same way!

3. We live in an abundant, giving universe, and you were meant to give, too.


“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.”

– Mark Twain

After coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people in the art and science of transformation over the last 40 years, I’ve found that many people focus on what they can GET from any given situation.

When you’re always focused on what you can get, you’re always on what I call a “get” frequency… which is actually a frequency of scarcity and lack.

We live in an abundant, giving universe, and when you practice being generous – and using generous thinking and language – you actually never have to worry about “getting” because the frequency of your thoughts is one of increase.

4. Your desire for abundance can help you to create a life you love living.


“All desire is an expression of the will, while to expect good is to demand good, so that both are necessary to attract supply.”

– Raymond Holliwell, Working with the Law

Money enables you to be comfortable so you can really give your creativity and gifts to the world.

Some of the abundance you experience may be in the form of a new career opportunity or a wonderful new relationship. You may experience greater health, energy and vitality. Or, your abundance may even come in the form of an unexpected, inspiring idea!

You can, of course, be successful, achieve your goals and give to people and causes you love, even if you don’t actively seek to be financially wealthy. But you may not gain the same amount of freedom to be, do, have and most importantly GIVE as much as you’d really love.

So if you desire abundance, but feel uncomfortable viewing yourself as “money-minded,” or even question if it’s wrong to love money, then think of yourself as freedom-minded instead!

You have no idea the good that can happen through you, if you give yourself permission to have more abundance in your life.

Having the power to pursue your dreams, do what you’d most love to do and give what you’d most love to give starts inside of you.

5. In order to create abundance, you must activate the full power of The Law of Attraction in your life.


“Envision the future you desire. Create the life of your dreams. See it, feel it, believe it.”

– Jack Canfield

Made popular by “The Secret,” the Law of Attraction has been touted as the positive thinking approach to easily manifesting your dream life.

You are like an artist. You are constantly creating pictures in your mind of what you want your life to look like, whether you’re aware that you’re doing this or not.

You see, what you think about on a regular, repeated basis – whether positive or negative, expansive or contractive – is the framework through which the energy of life that moves through you is pouring.

The images you focus on (the events in your life, the experiences you have, your condition, and your circumstances) eventually become accepted by your subconscious mind as the truth.

So if you’re not happy with the results you have in your life, the good news is that you have the power to change them! And you do this by being much more intentional with the pictures you’re envisioning in your mind.

This is why many people find vision boards so helpful – by investing time into finding and focusing your attention on images that represent the life you’d like to be living, you begin to be much more intentional with the kinds of thoughts you’re thinking.

Life is a blank canvas of possibility – you are in control of what the finished picture could look like.

All laws of nature are completely perfect and the Law of Attraction is no exception.

No matter what you are looking to be, do have or give in life, when you can hold onto a clear vision of what this looks like for you and you begin taking action toward it, you can create results in your life that you’re in love with!

Amplifying abundance

To summarize:

  1. People who think abundant thoughts live abundant lives.
  2. There is enough abundance for everyone.
  3. We live in an abundant, giving universe, and you were meant to give, too.
  4. Your desire for abundance can help you to create a life you love living.
  5. In order to create abundance, you must activate the full power of The Law of Attraction in your life.

By applying these five abundance-amplifying principles each day, you’ll begin experiencing more prosperity in your life in ways you may not even have expected!

As you continue to explore the deeper spiritual meaning of wealth, abundance, prosperity and riches, you may find it helpful to keep the five prosperity-boosting principles I’ve shared with you here in mind.

By practicing these simple principles, you can not only can change your relationship to money, but you can also use it as a tool to support you in your true service in the world!

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