6 Steps To Find Hope In A Hairball!

am-a-mess-picture-id1132528393 6 Steps To Find Hope In A Hairball!

I’ve been struggling with what to say as of late because there is so much going on in the world. Often, I feel like I’m trapped in a giant hairball of my personal emotions and the swirling assaulting energy of the collective I tune into as an empath. 

I wonder if it’s the same for you? Do you feel it? Does it help galvanize your desire to be part of the wave of change and social healing that is calling us awake? 

Maybe it moved. Too much, too little, rapid relentless movement and frozen all at the same time, stuck in that hairball that is now rolling down a giant hill like a wild tumbleweed gathering the best and worst of everything in its path. Maybe mine might get caught in a hole so I can get centered. 

Nope. Not gonna happen. The center has to be found on the fly, and on the roll. Dizzying to look at, but all of it is meaningful. 

I have been zeroing in on one particular thread in the ball though…that one is hope. I hold on, albeit not too tightly, lest its fragile fraying slender form snaps in my grasp. I close my ego’s eyes and allow my soul to guide me into the heart of it, where it will never break, where it’s woken up like a string in a harp, already reverberating in the key of F — the sound that wakes the energy of the heart. 

I find listening to the prompts of the heart reduces fear and anxiety swiftly. It also brings in a deep reminder of our humanity and our inherent connectivity to a Higher Power that ushers in a true sense of conscience. It’s the heart that knows the grace of stepping in and standing up. 

So, I am going to share with you some tips on what has worked for me. What I am doing now so I can show up daily without getting lost, with the hopes that it might give you some of your own ideas of what might work for you. 


Step One: Stay in 24 Hours. I know as an empath the first order of the day is to shrink everything into 24 hours. Turn that giant hairball/tumbleweed monster into something that can fit in the palm of our hands. I learned this trick many years ago and it made the impossible seem less overwhelming. 

Step Two: Repeat the Mantra “You Can Do it!” over and over again. Everything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe and most importantly to your heart. The BEST part of all this is you can 100% be a participant in these historic changes. 

Step Three: Accept this important challenge for what it is. You can handle it. 

Step Four: Remember to take one step at a time. Even a micro-step is good. Clean that inner chamber of conditioning! And, remember you are not equipped to solve all this alone or in one day. Also, stay awake. It’s not a dream that will go away when we “get back to normal”. This is the new normal. It is forever in front of you. 

Step Five: Compassion, compassion, compassion. Big changes in society all come from protest. And, (this and that is true) everyone has been stuck inside for so long on top of this, many people feel a whole lot of FEELINGS they want to SHARE. Nobody knows how to do this. 

Step Six: Keep your eye on the prize and your foot on the gas. Contribute and educate yourself. A better world awaits. 


Isn’t that why we’re here? 

Love to all,

Drenched in Holiness
Love and Order

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