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7 Reasons Keeping Your Inner Child Alive Is Good for Your Mental Health


Are you acquainted with your inner child? This psychological concept evolved to explain the complex way our minds and physiology remember the events of our youth. They can drive our attitudes and behaviors, even if we aren’t conscious of them.

However, it benefits your psyche to get in touch with this miniature you. Better yet, you should bring them out to play now and then. Here are seven reasons keeping your inner child alive is good for your mental health.

1. It Helps You Understand Your Present Relationships

Do you find yourself attracted to the same type of person over and over again? Worse, do you find yourself repeating old toxic patterns that you seem unable to break? Doing inner child work could help you understand and reverse the cycle.

Once you recognize the negative impact of maladaptive behaviors acquired from your childhood, you can begin the road to recovery. Sometimes, merely understanding the reason behind your self-sabotaging actions helps you put the requisite checks on yourself before you do something that you later regret. You’ll learn to recognize triggers that bring on the negative patterns of the past and make different choices, leading to improved outcomes.

2. It Inspires Your Work Passions

What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you currently in that profession?

You spend way too much of your life at work to loathe what you do. Getting in touch with your inner child helps you uncover creative ways to follow your passions. Maybe you can’t afford to quit your day job and move to Hollywood — but you can shoot video auditions from home after hours.

3. It Makes You More Spontaneous

When was the last time you took off on a weekend road trip with the one you loved? Or got up and slow-danced in the living room just because?

Keeping your inner child alive releases your spontaneous side. Does a 5-year-old worry about who’s listening when their favorite song comes on, or do they belt it out with all the strength their wee lungs can muster? Why don’t you do the same thing and see how much better you feel after turning your car into a recording studio?

4. It Sparks Your Creativity

Even if you work in a field like accounting, creativity brings a spark to your daily life. Creativity is a soft skill employers value. Can you find your client new ways to save on their taxes? Your supervisor will certainly notice.

5. It Helps You to Forgive and Forget

Have you ever watched two young children make up after a fight? Most of the time, they go right back to playing together within a half-hour or so as if nothing ever happened. They don’t hold a grudge or throw past transgressions back in their friends’ faces.

Keeping your inner child alive helps you embrace the grace of such forgiveness to those you love. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay alert to signs of toxic patterns, but it lets you move on from a single misstep without letting resentment slowly poison your love.

6. It Encourages You to Take Risks

Could you imagine a 4-year-old who didn’t want to get their little hands into anything? Children rush full-speed ahead, eager to learn, and unafraid of the risks.

Of course, you need to measure the potential downsides of taking actions like quitting your job before finding another. However, keeping your inner child alive can help encourage you to take healthy risks — like starting that side hustle you hope will become a full-time business.

7. It Brings More Fun to Your Life

Finally, keeping your inner child alive brings more laughter to your life. When was the last time your guts hurt from chuckling so hard? It releases endorphins to make you feel better and even tones your abs.

The next time you encounter a challenging scenario, try to have fun with it the way a 5-year-old might. You could discover that what you thought was a burden is a delight in reality.

Keep Your Inner Child Alive — It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Keeping your inner child alive can benefit your mental health in all the ways listed above. Increase your positivity and energy by embracing it!


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