9 Imagination Quotes to inspire your meditations

9 Imagination Quotes to inspire your meditations

I want to bring your attention to an important aspect of our minds, our Imagination.

Sometimes we need to stop living in an external world and journey inward to a different world. That world is our personal evolutionary journey made possible by our creativity and enabled by the most noble of our mental assets, imagination.

Exploring a problem to find a solution, connecting experiences from our past to understand some new aspect of ourselves, expanding knowledge that becomes wisdom, this is our journey and requires assistance from our imagination.

Inventing something new from something old whether it is an idea that benefits all of society or just makes our lives richer in some small way, requires imagination. Using imagination in a unique meditative visualization to reach higher states of consciousness is among the highest and best use of it for seekers. The greatest observable outcome is using imagination to visualize an intention during meditation to manifest a thing we desire.

I have included nine quotes about imagination along with my comments to explore this subject further. Review and reflect on these to inspire, inform, and energize your meditation practice.


1. Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. – Carl Sagan

Imagination allows us to see the way the universe and the higher states of our minds work beyond our everyday reality. Imagination takes us to gaps in our knowledge that were never explored. Sometimes we believe we are creating unique things out of thin air, but most often we are bridging old ideas and using our imagination to fill in a gap. In doing so we bring forth something new and different. Nobody could have thought many years ago that we could experience Virtual Reality. After years seeing evolving technologies from others, it happened because one person’s imagination filled in the gaps to create it.

2. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein

Knowledge trains our conscious mind, imagination taps into the potential of our subconscious mind. Imagination combined with meditation can also tap into our higher states of consciousness and intellect we call witnessing awareness, and some call the soul.

3. Bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king. – Mark Van Doren

Forming an intention for something you would like to manifest in your life begins in your imagination. A big intention can change your life, using smaller affirmations over time to support your intention also created by our imagination increase the probability of success. Your affirmations can make it the one that becomes the king. People often get ideas, but they don’t act on them because of fear of failure. Never doubt your imagination it leads you to intuition. Intuition is having knowledge or knowing something, even though you may not be aware of how you know it. Have the courage to act on your creative ideas and you’ll be surprised to learn what you can accomplish.

4. Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. – Oscar Wilde

Dreamers who pay attention to their deepest instincts in the mind, subconscious and higher-self discover future trends others miss out on. Sometimes this can be painful as it is not always the first with a big idea who profits from it, that can be the punishment. Dreamers intuitively feel everything and rely on things like “the gut feeling” we all have from time to time. Be willing to trust and accept that you know more than your conscious mind is telling you, allow your intuition to have a seat at the table of your life. This journey begins with a dream courtesy of our imagination.

5. The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.- Albert Einstein

Even though knowledge may not be the true sign of intelligence, reading and learning are the marks of a curious mind. They can be the kindling that ignites the fire of our inward exploration when combined with imagination. We should use knowledge to nurture our imagination. Sometimes Knowledge illuminates the gaps in our experiences and expands our spiritual worldview. The wisdom traditions of Vedanta and others encourage the acquisition of knowledge for this purpose. It is imagination that fuels our spirit and urges us to chase an innate vision. Knowledge can pull back the bolt on the door that opens to a new idea, imagination swings the unbolted door wide open.

6. Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. – Lewis Carroll

Reality isn’t always pleasant, terrorism, poverty, illness, child abuse, global warming and more, point to a world that is broken. But with the power of imagination, we can collectively create solutions to all problems and make a difference. Each of our imaginations has the potential for changing the world, sometimes in concert with others in some way. Change may occur a little bit at a time until a larger problem can be overcome. Our ideas may be the start of the solution that solves the problem 3-generations later by the collective imagination of others.

7. Imagination is the soil that brings dreams to life. – Anonymous

In today’s fast paced world, many people have lost touch with their inner world. We search for a Wi-Fi connection everywhere but have lost the inner connection with our imagination that brings about intuition. It is a pity that many people never visualize what a better future could hold for them or fantasize how they could go about obtaining it, they are stuck in a repeating cycle of everyday reality.

The inner world of our imagination can create a dream and bring our dreams to life. It is an exercise well worth engaging with in your meditation practice. It will stimulate your creative muscle and connect you to a place within, that may hold a hidden opportunity for you. Imagination is the seed and the soil in our lives that can lead us to joy, peace and serenity.

8. Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. – John Lennon

What is reality? What is the “real” way to live? How should things work? The irony is that the answer itself lies in our imagination. We are not in our bodies or even in the universe those things are constructs of an imagination (not necessarily our own) and reside in our consciousness. They exist within us as reality that can be modified. Imagination is the first step in this activity of consciousness modification.

9. There are certain half-dreaming moods of mind in which we naturally steal away from noise and glare and seek some quiet haunt where we may indulge our reveries and build our air castles undisturbed. – Washington Irving

A “half dreaming mood” is a definition for a daydream which is an altered sate of waking consciousness. It stills the ego and gives one access to their higher intellect and creative potential much like meditation. Everyone loves to dream. As children, we were told to dream, allowed to dream, encouraged to dream but as adults, many of us have lost that skill. This skill can be reacquired through meditation. Those air castles to which Washington Irving refers came about from a mind that is paused and an imagination in need of exercise.

I will leave you with this final thought; we are co-creators of our lives and partners with the greatest imagination of all, beyond the stars, beyond the universe into to the infinite void. It is the creator of all the scenery and us, the seers of that scenery. That partner of ours is pure awareness, the first cause, god if you like. I think of it as the other half of us. It is the algorithm in our virtual reality that spontaneously focuses its imagination to have the universe provide what our imagination requests, to manifest and create the life we want. This is true oneness; our imagination and consciousness is one with it, as it is one with us. It wants us to have what we want by learning what we truly are through the evolution of our consciousness, making choices and creating our world through love all inspired at some level by imagination.

If we cannot create the thing our imagination has dreamt up, our wise partner will give us a lesson to learn so that we can acquire the skills we need to manifest something greater. That something greater is to come to know our authentic self and what we truly are.



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