The 9 Laws of the WOONIVERSE (My Take On Universal Laws)!

9 Laws of the WOONIVERSE (My Take On Universal Laws)! - Colette Baron Reid

You’ve heard about the laws of the Universe, but I bet you haven’t heard about the 9 Laws of the WOONIVERSE!

The 9 Laws of the WOONIVERSE are the basis of Season 1 of my podcast, INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE

When you read them in this article, you’ll see they are a collection of what I know to be true after having studied and practiced spirituality for over 36 years. The Laws are not there to govern us but to support us and guide us so we can co-create the most meaningful, magical, and fulfilled life for ourselves and others.

You’ll also notice I named them myself! You know me… I love to have a little fun even with the most serious of topics!

So at this point, you may be thinking, what the heck is the WOONIVERSE anyway?

I’m going to explain it all in this post but before I do, buckle up because what I’m about to share with you will change the way you think about your connection with the Divine and the way you live your life. 

Exciting, I know! 

What the heck is the WOONIVERSE?

As a spiritual person and part of this community, you know more about life than what the eyes can see. You are AWARE of the MAGIC in this world, just as I am. 

So when I talk about the WOONIVERSE, I’m referring to this magical space as a portal between the world you know as reality and the realms of Spirit.

When I came up with the idea of the WOONIVERSE for the name of my podcast INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I envisioned an explorer’s lounge, where all people, concepts, and ideas are appreciated and respected.

It’s a place where creative energy, playful curiosity, and intuition inspire us to go deeper on our spiritual journey so that we can see the outer world through a different perspective.  

Naturally, the laws are more playful inside the WOONIVERSE. They can be used as a compass for leading a magical, mystical and meaningful life. The 9 spiritual laws of the WOONIVERSE are my take on the most fundamental principles that we can look to as we navigate our spiritual path.

Wondering what the 9 laws of the WOONIVERSE are? Let’s get into them! 

9 Laws of the Universe Affect Us All the Time

We’re aware that invisible laws exist within the Universe. The most relatable universal law is gravity. You can’t see gravity, but you know it’s there. 

The 9 laws of the WOONIVERSE are similar, just a little more playful and a lot more magical! I like to think of these concepts as a playbook or a ‘how-to guide’ to navigate the WOONIVERSE’s OS (operating system).

The most important thing you can do when exploring the 9 laws is to stay curious and open to the ideas, because whether you believe it or not, these laws have been at play your entire life – even if you haven’t realized it just yet!

I always say that curiosity is our biggest superpower when navigating the WOONIVERSE!

So open your mind and heart, and let’s get into it!

1. Spirit has a plan. 

One of my favorite sayings is we plan, and God laughs! And it’s so true.

No matter what you desire to manifest, no matter how much you want something, the form of that something will not be chosen by you

Here’s a perfect example from my own life that ties into this idea.

I always knew that I would have a microphone in my hand. From a child, I had a vision of standing on stage in front of an audience so naturally, I thought I would be singing. I did end up recording two albums for EMI Music, but it never quite felt right because Spirit had a different plan for me. 

THINGS FELL INTO PLACE when I started embracing my spiritual gifts and speaking publicly about them. I was meant to do readings, counsel people, and be where I am now, which is teaching, guiding, and serving a bigger community of spiritual seekers.

And guess what? With the launch of INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE, I have a microphone in hand again! This is what I mean by Spirit has a plan and the good news is that you have a direct line of communication with Spirit! 

So when it comes to the first law of the WOONIVERSE, your job is to trust that Spirit is with you and accept that it’s not your job to find out the plan. What you can do is plant the seeds of your dreams, nurture the soil, and surrender to the rhythm of the world. 

Remember, everything in life happens for a meaning, not for a reason, and inevitably, sh*t’s going to change.

2. Sh*ts going to change. 

Ain’t that the truth! 

As spiritual beings living in the material world, we bear witness to constant changes. Sometimes we won’t like the change and sometimes we will, but our job is to accept life on life’s terms and commit to expanding and growing. 

When I say that shit’s going to change, I mean that the unexpected or even expected changes are inevitable. And it never seems to fail: just as we feel comfortable or think that we’ve got something figured out, life throws us a curveball and it becomes impossible to remain the same! 

And even if you dig your heels in and resist the change (as I have done!), the Universe will always intervene and create a ripple within the fabric of time and space. 

The good news? 

We are stories in motion, and we have the power to co-create our lives and write our stories with Spirit, along with the changes. 

So we must embrace change, and commit to our spiritual practice to strengthen our collaboration with Spirit; in other words, we can’t poo-poo the woo-woo! 

3. Don’t poo-poo the woo-woo.

I laugh every time I think of this law and the saying itself fills my heart. 

Here’s the basis of this law – we are more than our five senses, and we all have an inherent connection to the Collective Consciousness (with a big C). When your mind is open to the invisible forces around us all the time, you become a channel for Divine wisdom. 

And, you gain the ability to download incredible insight, channel creativity, and witness the truth reflected in everyone you meet. 

I often hear people say that they don’t believe in the woo because they can’t feel it or that they can’t do it. But it’s simply not true. 

Even if you feel a disconnect from your intuition, it’s still there! I promise you are “woo” (even if you don’t believe it!)

And when you do commit to the practice of connecting to your intuition, oh my Oracle, you’ll feel the energetic push of the Universe, which brings me to law #4.

4. Where attention goes, energy flows.

You’ve likely heard this saying before; it’s a widely known and accepted universal law. 

Here’s what it means in practical terms. 

As humans, we have an immense capacity to transform energy into matter by meditating or exploring things like subconscious programming. (This is exactly the type of content we’ll be exploring on INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE).

So when you think about this concept, think of your thoughts like a radio wave, and the Universe as the receiver. If you want something to be amplified and reflected into your external reality, you need to frequently and consciously emit a wave of thoughts that align with those desires. 

Alternatively, when the mind is distracted, disconnected from Spirit, or stuck rehearsing old energy patterns, our reality reflects it. 

So to put this law into its simplest terms, think and act with intention because your thoughts signal to the Universe how you intend to collaborate to create the life of your dreams.  

5. Creativity and collaboration are the cornerstones of the WOONIVERSE. 

One of the most beautiful and fulfilling aspects of spirituality is that we have the gift to create a life of our dreams. 

Creativity and collaboration are the cornerstones of the WOONIVERSE because inherent in every life form is the ability to create. 

The magic happens when we consciously collaborate with each other and Spirit. 

When we do that, we know that we’re never alone. And because our thoughts, intentions, energy, and behaviors impact all of Life and everything around us, we need to be thoughtful and intentional. 

The more aware you are of your part of the collective consciousness, the more you will learn how to weave intention into every moment, creating a more spiritual life aligned with your highest intentions.  

6. Inspired action wakes up the UNIVERSE. 

At all times, the Universe invites us to take inspired action towards our desires and goals. But for the Universe to assist you, you have to wake it up with your actions and intentional, soul-led, and heart-centered energy.   


Because the Universe listens when you bring your soul to the table. You’ll always be called to participate, even when you don’t know what the outcome will be, or as Law #1 says, what plan Spirit has for you.

As American mythologist, writer, and lecturer Joseph Campbell, said, “take one step towards the gods and they take ten towards you.” 

When you can trust in your partnership with the Divine and express gratitude for all your big and small blessings, the magic will happen. 

7. Gratitude is the Abracadabra. 

Every moment that you’re alive is a moment to be grateful. 

Life is a gift, even when the going gets tough, and through the grace of the WOONIVERSE, we are able to be here. 

Gratitude is often talked about as something you do after you’ve received an act of kindness or good fortune. 

But according to the laws of the WOONIVERSE, gratitude is the secret sauce of attracting, receiving, and creation. You must thank the Universe in advance of all these blessings, and here’s why:

When you’re practicing gratitude, you’re operating from a place of greater joy and everything feels so much more sacred, unified and fulfilling. And, with an open mind and an open heart, we create a window of opportunity for miracles to happen to us and through us.  

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