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9 Ways to Stay Positive, Even When You're Sick!

sick-woman-laying-on-sofa-talking-on-telephone-picture-id107429753 9 Ways to Stay Positive, Even When You're Sick!

Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.Treat it with care. ~ Buddha

Some common advice? When you wake up feeling oh so crapola, don’t fall back on old habits. Try some of these reminders to eat, treat and sleep your way back to good health.

When we are at our weakest, we must be our most vigilant. When we are ill it is so easy to lose our bearings. We push ourselves beyond the breaking point ignoring all the self-care habits that are critical toward living our most authentic lives.

Being ill drains us physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s at these low points that we tend to fall backwards on much of the progress we are making as we move into our most authentic lives. We say to ourselves that our new habits can be left by the wayside while we try and mend, and then we don’t go back to them. Or we find that balancing healthy, self-nurturing behaviors with a compromised body is simply too overwhelming.

When we are at our weakest we must be our most vigilant. This body must be cared for and preserved if you are to reach your goal of a fully authentic life.

Some common advice?
Here are 9 Ways to Stay Positive, Even When You're Sick!

1)  If you are achy, chilled or feverish or if it sounds like you are hacking up a lung, or if your temp is above 101 degrees, you are probably contagious. Your body needs TLC and rest so it’s time to call in sick, crawl back in bed, and care for yourself the way you would for one of your own sick children.

2) While you can’t flush out a virus, staying hydrated is critical. Refill your glass often and I’m a believer in adding vitamin C powdered mixes to make it easier to go down. If you are suffering from a scratchy - throat, warm tea with lemon, grated fresh ginger, and manuka honey is my go-to rescue remedy.

3) Hot broth or soup soothes the body and gives you the nutrients you need to get yourself back to good health. 

4) Both probiotics for gut health and vitamin D get doubled to support my body’s fight back to wellness. Plus I’m a big believer in returning to the remedies of youth. Believing you are on the road to recovery greatly influences your energy and your reality.

5) A deep soak in a hot tub filled with Epsom salts and an essential oil like peppermint or wintergreen relaxes me and makes it easier for me to sleep.

6) Speaking of sleep – when you are compromised – do not short circuit your nighttime requirements. Get as much sleep as possible as this is when your body does all of its repair work.

7) The moment I feel myself coming down with an illness, I break out my two favorite super-secret illness fighters. First I take Boiron’s homeopathic Aconitum Napellus (30C) sublingually every few hours for the first 24 hours (six tiny white pellets under your tongue). I find this knocks out the illness completely or greatly reduces the duration. Second is Young Living’s Thieves Oil – (CAREFUL! This stuff will burn your eyes if you get it too close.) I rub it on  the bottoms of my feet and put on warm socks while rubbing it into my hands and carefully breathing in the healing aroma.

8) Take the time to reflect on the value of your health and what you want to courageously accomplish with your life energy when you do finally recover. Don’t waste your sick time just watching television. Meditate. Journal. Listen to uplifting music.

9) Finally, sit in the sun (or in a sunny window) and drink your hot tea. Find things to be grateful for. We only have so many  days of health. How you choose to use this time to benefit yourself, your world and the people you love the most will be your legacy.

The detour through illness won’t last forever. Remember the importance of self-care. Finally, remember that health, like life, is a precious gift, one that should never be taken lightly. While there are no guarantees, you do have today. Use it wisely, fully and be grateful for the flu’s reminder that nothing, including ourselves, is permanent.

Live Authentically-

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