A Gratitude List: The Power of Gratitude as a Daily Practice

thankful-message-with-pumpkins-picture-id1173881424 A Gratitude List: The Power of Gratitude as a Daily Practice

 Let’s do an attitude of gratitude challenge for the last part of the year! 

I’ll start! I’ll share a personal list that includes people, books who have inspired me and helped me grow, etc. I’m gonna share mine with you for 2019! Then YOU share yours!

Then every day until the end of the year, begin your day hand on heart tuning into Gratitude—the essence of it and all it means to you!

First this year I am really grateful for YOU. I know you could be reading so many other people’s blogs. You signed up for mine and for that I am so, so grateful.

I’m grateful for my relationship and faith in a Higher Power—it doesn’t matter what you call it—God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Conscious Universe, Divine Matrix, The Dude, etc., the name doesn’t matter. The relationship, faith, and service to it does.  

I am grateful for my ancestors—for my Dad and my great grandmother’s teachings, (and my nanny’s) as my belief that a spirit resides in every living thing in Nature, has only deepened these last few years. I remember how everyone is connected when I think of how we are one in Nature. It helps when I’m also reminded of the divisions and inequities that need healing. 

I’m grateful for my online school and all the students who have come from 36 countries!! I am grateful for each and every one!

I’m grateful for the tough lessons I’ve experienced this year, for the humility, understanding, compassion, and humor I’ve had to foster as I dive into the necessary unpacking of old ideas that need to change. Once your eyes are open you can’t close them again—your heart and ears must remain open too.

I’m grateful I get to learn, make mistakes, I get to forgive, I get to be creative, I get to eat good food, compose, and listen to music.

 I am grateful for my team, for my publisher, for my friends and colleagues. 

I’m deeply grateful for my 34 years of sobriety. 

I’m grateful I get to make meaningful work and to serve in a way that lights me up every day.

I’m grateful for my adorable dogs and husband with whom I share most of my time and my laughter, yes yes mostly I am grateful for laughter! 

So… that was mine. It’s your turn. And have a joyous grateful week ;)

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