A Letter from Your Soul

A Letter from Your Soul - John Holland

It’s me, your Soul. Remember me? We used to talk a lot, but I haven’t heard much from you. With all that you’ve been going through lately, I feel like you’re pulling away from me.

Times are tough now, believe me I know. I’ve been with you all your life. We’ve been through a lot together. I know what makes you the happiest and I also know what pushes your buttons and pushes you away from your goals and dreams.

When life feels like it’s beating you down and taking every bit of your energy, that’s when you lose sight of me. But I want you to know, that’s when you need to rely on me most. I’m the one who can get you out of this funk and back on your path again.

That’s why I felt compelled to write you this note. Maybe you can print it out and keep it in your pocket or in a place where you can reach me whenever you have any more doubts.

I’m here for you. I’m always here for you. When you’re stuck in a sticky situation, I’ve got the answer you need. When you’re faced with the scariest decisions, I can steer you in the right direction. When you feel the most loss and despair, I’m the shoulder you can lean on. When you feel like the world is out to get you, I’ve got your back. And when you feel like you’re alone, I’m already there! I never left.

It’s like that song James Taylor sings. Remember that one? I’m that friend you’ve got. “All you have to do is call and I’ll be there.”  

There’s also something really important that I want you to know: I need you, too. I really do. We’re a team, you know. You and me. Like the iconic duos. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Sonny and Cher, Fred and Ginger, Bert and Ernie. Okay, I may be stretching it here, but you get my drift. ;) When we work together as a team, or partnership - we’re unstoppable! That’s when our connection showers the world with love and helps us appreciate our life and all the souls around us. And when we’re all connected like this, that’s when our Divine light really shines!

So just remember: I have the answers when you’re most troubled. I know which direction to lead you when you feel lost. I have the insights when you’re searching for truth. But I can’t share any of this wisdom with you unless you trust me enough to ask.

That’s how easy it is. Just ask, and I’ll come running. And if you still don’t believe me or you’re still unsure, I only ask that you try me. Next time you’re in a jam or just feeling blue, give me a holler. You’ll be amazed at how quickly I’ll show up, bring to you what you need and get you back on your feet!

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                                                          

I asked John if I could use his newsletter this week to reach out to you. It’s because I feel like you’ve lost faith in the one power that you can always rely on: ME—your Soul.

John’s got the right idea about this Power of the Soul stuff. So, I really want you to listen to him. This power is real. It works! I ought to know. A soul like me always tells you the truth.

So, let go of what’s happened before today. Let go of your hurts from the past. Let’s start today. Right now! Let’s share some of the things that have been bugging you most. Take a few minutes and just sit with me.

I’ll help you pick up the pieces of your life so you can find meaning, purpose, happiness and love again. Just give me a shout-out. I’ll be waiting.

I Love You

Your Spiritual Partner - Your Soul

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Live a Soul-filled life!


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