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A sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear: PANIC ATTACK

anxiety A sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear: PANIC ATTACK
In today's fast track world people are suffering from many facets of anxiety disorders. Loneliness is a key factor, closely followed by fear, which could further lead to depression. 

Many people chance themselves upon panic attacks due to these feelings, as being constantly inwardly drawn and tuned in without adequate outside support, leads to a condition we could name as a panic disorder. 

People who could be categorized into this, are the ones who are coping with challenging situations, nervous disorders, fear based problems and a  general state of uneasiness. 

Most people are trying in their own variant ways,  to deal with these emotions: 


These are the practices followed to cope with the emotional  anxiety challenges. Most of these methods are incorrect.They will only make the emotions go away temporarily. On the other hand may even lead to enhanced anxiety, and may have a negative effect in the long run. 


1. Worry
3. Sadness 
4. Nervousness
5. Embarrassment 
6. Apprehension 
7. Fear

People adapt to various distracting methods to ease these panic causing symptoms. 


This is a good way of getting rid of a panic situation. Redirect your mind to a newer situation than the one you are already going through, and it is giving you a sense of anxiety and panic. 


Once the focus changes,  the attention goes elsewhere and the symptoms generating the panic situation get toned down. 


This is very akin to a heart situation by the feel of it,  though on a physical level it has nothing to do with the heart. Just that the symptoms feel alarming. As the symptoms are extremely overwhelming and we need to verify them.

1. Shaking
2. Chest pain
3. Trembling 
4. Rapid heartbeat
5. Tingling
6. Numbness 
7. Shortness of breath
8. Feeling of suffocation
9. Feeling faint
10. Overall unwell feel

Intense anxiety most often leads to a panic attack. 


The sufferer of a panic attack often goes into an imaginary effect. He worries and feels he will loose control.  He is afraid of creating an embarrassing situation. There is also a scare that he may face a medical condition. 


We need to try and keep emotions in check through temporary methods. These are advantageous for a certain time period and help to handle situation  for immediate relief. 

1. Count Your Breaths — Count each cycle of breath while inhaling or exhaling.Count one as you inhale, count two as you exhale. Keep repeating this for a while. Use this method for certain lengths of breathing. 

2. Physical Exercise — Take a walk, gyming is good, whatever form of exercise that appeals to you. Jumping Jack, badminton, and any other exercise which holds your mood. 

3. Media Entertainment — Watch TV or a movie to keep your mind, off the anxiety. Reading a good book, flipping through a magazine, listening to music, they all work to create distraction for the mind.

4. Creative Pursuits —  Indulge in something that gives you an outlet for your creativity. A lot of the supposedly suppressed feelings can be alleviated.  As the creative juices flow,  the suppressed emotions get released. 

5. Relaxation Technique — Visualization, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, all these techniques, if used will give major relief. They will calm and soothe the scenario.

6. Journaling — Of course my favorite method of de stressing.  This allows ones emotional self to refocus and adjust your emotions 

7. Peer Group — To distract the mind,  call a friend or connect with a like minded group of people. 

8. Don't Discuss Negative Things — This further enhances the feeling of panic, mostly of things undone
9. Deep Breathing — The best method, I feel You need to try anyway which  that calms your mind.  

10. Peace —Once there is peace from the turmoil within, your physical balance will return and your panic condition finds relief. 
 Then just need to maintain this feeling of  relaxation and Joy. 
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