A Unified Field of Potential


Anytime you get stressed out and overwhelmed and you wonder how it’s going to work out and how life is going to unfold, it’s because you’ve forgotten you are God. When you recognize this is not who you are and you make a shift in yourself, all of the obstacles fall away. 

When you actually stop dividing up your energy, meaning you stop creating your energy into a form and you allow yourself to stay in wholeness, you operate as the totality of your unified field. God has taken infinite forms. The formless has taken infinite forms. And, through those infinite forms it is waking up to itself. 

When you refuse to feel something, your energy gets trapped. For example, if you refuse to feel your anger, then your consciousness, your energy or potential gets trapped in the anger. Once you experience the anger and welcome it, it dissolves the trapped potential. Then you go back to being a unified field of potential . . . a unified cohesive expression. 

Any point of struggle in life is a point of struggle because we are unwilling to unify our consciousness. What is God doing? God is returning to oneness, a unified field. Once you liberate your potential, you then merge back with God. Your refusal to embrace your sadness, your anger, your fear, keeps God trapped in you  . . . in your soul. Once you accept all of these things, you liberate the soul’s potential and then the soul merges back with the infinite and your expression becomes Divine Love. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, transforms your life into a living meditation. 

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