A VISIONARY HEART: Our Superpower moments of the day

heart-in-sky-picture-id155368405 A VISIONARY HEART: Our Superpower moments of the day

Kennedy shares how simple yet high level coherency practices connect, infuse and ignite every cell, encoding the Continuum.

Imagination blossoms in the first luminous moments of each morning. These moments are precious ,bejeweled with the mists of the "in between." We are alone and drifting into the first light still embellished with the Oneness of the night reverie. Here we bridge the worlds and have the opportunity to consciously dream, call the day into being, envisioning the beauty, depth, power, peace ,coherency, the Lifestream...saying YES! to ourselves and the world.

We create in every moment, in every cell, thought, feeling and emotion a dream or a nightmare, love or fear, coherency and resonance or incoherency. These first few moments can set the energy of our entire day. The same truth holds for the last few moments as we drift into the night.


Waking up this way, consciously gathering the gift of the daylight, tapping into our infinite heart intelligence, breathing into the heart space, making time to listen, taking time to create the scaffolding to support our actions all infuses each step into the day thereafter. In only a matter of minutes we change the running "to do list" to a "to BE list" connected to who we are in the world...gifts of beauty, grace, purpose and poised for greatness. All this with ease and aaaahhhh!


Have you ever noticed how many times you say no to Yourself... that is to the real unlimited, gorgeous Self you came here to be? This can happen without awareness, in subtle habitual conditioned ways, even simply through being silent when our very words are needed. Here is an invitation to release the "nos" ,to flip it! by saying yes to the unbounded, unfettered, fully connected being that is You. Just say YES to You and watch the entire Universe unfold in unimaginable miraculous synchronicities, openings, people, places and spaces.

This is not what we have been conditioned to believe or activate. There is a steady stream of fitting into boxes, doing rather than first being your passion, your love made visible. At some point perhaps we realize that resisting our truest Self and Heart Based Action is futile and much harder than accepting the natural Flow connectivity that is carrying us all along.

The first and last moments of the day as we come gently into the light and gently drift back into the night are magnetic superpower moments potent enough to reset our yes! our biochemistry and our passions.


Finally the day is done and off to sleep we go...only the mind races and the body is restless. How do we open our awareness to the golden gift of the last few moments, rather than rehashing the day, bringing the stress into our sleep time?

In the very same way as we started ...by connecting to the heart, breathing into that sacred infinite space and out, infusing love or appreciation, compassion or care for 5 minutes, simple “heartwaves” in and out which create a coherency in the system and positive biochemistry conducive to deep rest, renewal and sweet dreams...

Paying attention to and cherishing the first and last 5 minutes each day is transformative, generative and magical. Let’s do this together as we create simultaneously a planetary reset. We are powerful beyond measure and hold immense influence in our own biosphere, our community and our planet giving way to a galactic influence as well, all within those first and last 5 minutes of each day.


Here are other simple practices to do before your feet hit the floor in the morning and when you slip into bed at night, enjoy! They are powerful catalysts to change your life and the world around you.

1-At first awakening, allow those soft moments to be fluid and savor that precious entry into the conscious daylight...

2- Drop into your heart and breathe your unique vision,dream and life pulse into the day

3-Heart first into the day by connecting to the singularity, the gateway of your precious heart in deep communion

4- repeat 1-3 as you go gently into the night

In resonance and gratitude,

Kennedy Braden
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