A Whale Song and the Soul’s Light

tail-fin-from-diving-humpback-whale-at-sunset-picture-id185327720 A Whale Song and the Soul’s Light

As I often say, some people are attracted to light, while others emanate it. Let me tell you a story about the parents of a very good friend of mine. This is such a special story and one I hold close to my heart.

Ken and Pat are from Great Britain and were in the U.S. for a visit. I thought I’d surprise them by taking them out on a very special boat trip. It was the first time Ken and Pat were going to experience a whale-watching excursion.

As the boat slipped away from the New England harbor, Ken was clearly eager as he looked overboard, scanning the water with his battered and aged binoculars. The boat gathered speed and we headed out into the ocean, which was unbelievably calm. It was about an hour and a half later that we saw in the distance the first spouts from a family of whales.

The captain announced we were going to edge closer to the whales. He explained: “Male humpback whales sing the longest and most complex songs in the animal kingdom, each one lasting for half an hour or so. They sing to woo females and frighten off rival males. The songs can be heard underwater hundreds of miles away!”

As the boat came to a stop in the water, everyone became eerily quiet. It was as if the whales knew we were there and they wanted to put on a show for us.

When I looked at Ken’s face, he resembled a child as he watched in awe as the whales surfaced. They twisted onto their backs and disappeared, their tails being the last thing visible before they slipped back below the ocean. As they surfaced again, they started slapping the water as if they were waving to us in unison. Each time they twisted and slapped, everyone let out a gasp.

I glanced over to Ken and was literally stopped in my tracks. I no longer saw this man in his late seventies, but I witnessed and experienced him as a soul.  There was a light emanating from him, which had the energy and youthfulness of a seven-year-old. I felt the love radiating from his soul, reaching out in all directions.

I asked Ken if he were enjoying himself. As he turned and looked at me, I pretended not to see the tears in his eyes, which reflected his extreme joy and wonderment. No words were necessary.

When you see the Divinity in others, it just reminds you of the Divinity within yourself

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Do you remember a day in your life where you felt your soul’s power as strongly as Ken did? Please share them with me on my Facebook page!

You’ve probably experienced your soul many times without even realizing it. Maybe it was a book or a movie that struck a chord within you or the tears when a certain memory surfaced. Maybe it’s the love you feel for another person or a meeting with someone who has unexpectedly changed your life. People will say it’s just human emotions, but these feelings stir the energy of the soul.

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Live a Soul-filled life!



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