Achieving Heart-Brain Coherence Will Literally Change Your Life


What words come to mind when you think about 2020? 

We recently asked this question in one of our private groups and they shared words like chaos, anger, separation, fear, anxiety, uncertainty…

Was this how your year felt?

As we move deeper into the holiday season and nearer the end of the year, it’s important to focus on how you want your new year to look.

What words come to mind when you dream of your perfect 2021?

Peace, Love, Happiness, Health, Joy, Unity, Success, Abundance…

There is a way you can have all of that.

When you develop heart brain coherence, you can begin to perceive the world in a completely different way and live a happier, healthier and more abundant life. 

Heart Brain Coherence

Our heart possesses a network of 40,000 neurons called “sensory neurites” which provide a direct line of communication to the brain.

According to neuroscientist, Sarah Garfinkel, every time the heart projects blood, it pings pressure-sensitive receptors that send signals to the head. “The brain essentially flashes each time the heart beats,” she says, “and the degree of signal in the brain corresponds to how fast and how hard the heart is beating, so the brain is in dynamic, constant communication with the heart,”

You probably already know that the brain pings signals out to your heart but did you know that the heart sends even more information to your brain? 

Your emotions are reflected in your heart rhythm patterns. When you’re feeling the low frequency codes of stress, fear, frustration or other types of negativity, your heart rhythm patterns look chaotic. Scientists call this an “incoherent heart rhythm pattern”

You may have noticed that when you experience these low frequency feelings, your creative thinking is impaired, you have trouble sleeping, your immune system gets disturbed, sometimes you even feel sick.

This makes perfect sense when you realize the incoherence of the rhythmic activity of your heart inhibits higher cognitive functions such as attention, perception, memory and problem-solving.

However, when you’re living in the high frequency of your soul’s 8 superpowers...

Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and Mindfulness - PLATINUM - you’re creating a state of coherence (“coherent heart rhythm pattern”). 

Your heart rhythm patterns look smooth, ordered and stable. 

It helps your body’s systems synchronize and work better. It enhances your ability to think clearly, learn, remember, reason and make optimal decisions. You’re living in peak performance! 

We’re going to show you how to intentionally experience these positive emotions that affect your heart rhythms and your overall well-being. 

Once you are able to change your heart rhythm patterns in an ordered and stable way (coherence), you’ll be able to change your entire outlook and directly affect the results you achieve in life.

Health benefits of heart brain coherence include :

  • Reduced stress and anxiety (reduction of level of cortisol).
  • Elevated immune system
  • Release of anti-aging hormone (DHEA)
  • Enhanced functioning of your nervous and digestive systems
  • Improved quality of your sleep
  • Increased energy levels

When you achieve the heart brain coherence state, it also means you are functioning at your peak performance. You will see tremendous improvements of your cognitive functions:

  • Enhancement of focus and concentration
  • Improvement in learning
  • Improvement in problem-solving skills.
  • Increased resilience - it will be easier to overcome difficult situations and get back to a high frequency state of love, gratitude and forgiveness.

Heart Brain Coherence also enhances one of the most important things you need in your daily life: your intuition. You’ll be able to make wiser decisions.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this Heart Brain Coherence Meditation. Freeze your fight or flight response and enter an optimal state of relaxation, growth, creative thought, and peaceful connection to the world around you  

There is always so much love here for you!


Sandra and Daniel Biskind

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