Activate The Healing Power of Stillness

caribbean-yoga-woman-picture-id182197369 Activate The Healing Power of Stillness

When was the last time you took time to really be still, perhaps through meditation or conscious breathing?

With so much chaos and distraction in our lives, it can be beyond tough to find time to be still and connect to a peaceful center. Between hectic work schedules and endless to-do lists, and the fixation with social media, many of us barely have a chance to come up for air.  Sure, you want to make time to be still and meditate, but it just gets lost in the shuffle and before you know it, it’s bedtime and you’re too exhausted. Without taking time each day for stillness, our minds become chatterboxes and we lose ourselves in our busy lives listening to a barrage of mindless noise.

We’ve all had this experience of resolving to find the time to meditate, but then it just keeps moving down the priority list. Has this happened to you?

So, take a deep breath and keep reading. Today I’m going to help you get on the road to more stillness without missing out on your to-dos.

Stillness is one of the most powerful keys to tap into your intuition and experience more calm and happiness. By moving beyond your busy ego mind and finding that peaceful place within your consciousness, you connect with the Divine, Source, to a Higher Consciousness, the All That Is etc. You don’t have to wait until the outer world behaves to find that still calm center within.

While there are many ways to experience more stillness, I’ve found that meditation is one of the most effective. With meditation, you experience a clear conscious connection with the Divine and a clear channel to your intuition. Beyond these important connections, meditation has also been shown to help people experience more happiness and better health. If you say you have no time to meditate, remember this: meditation actually gives you more time by helping your mind become calmer and more focused and inspired. When you begin your day with a clear connection to the Divine, your hectic schedule and life’s little (and large) hiccups are far more manageable.

I know meditating can be difficult. When I first learned how to meditate, I felt uncomfortable, and I thought I would never still my busy mind…However, once I found the forms of meditation that worked best for me, I noticed an immediate stillness and calm. I also noticed that meditation helped me better access my intuition and use my gift to help others. The more I practiced, the better I became at cultivating stillness and trust in the Divine’s plan, even in the midst of stressful and busy days. My mind also became far less chaotic. And I’ve always had a busy mind that just loves to think and analyze. So, if I’m able to practice meditation, I promise you can too!


So, how do you go about starting to meditate? First, make a commitment to yourself to meditate for at least 5 minutes each day over the next month. (Or, commit to a week if a month seems too overwhelming. I want to encourage you to just make a commitment to start somewhere.) If you need to, schedule it in your day. I recommend meditating either when you first wake up or sometime between 2-4pm since the mid-afternoon is when our minds tend to start to chatter the most. I also like to meditate before bedtime releasing the internal noise from the day.

As I said, there are many forms of meditation. I recommend guided visualizations as they’re both effective and easy to use especially for people whose minds don’t seem to have an “off” button. Here is a link to one of my guided meditations on my favorite prayer suited to this weeks oracle guidance and lesson.

Another way to meditate and find stillness is to slowly count your breath. This is another highly effective way to quiet the mind. In fact, the word spirit comes from the Latin word spirare, which means “to breathe.” So, when you count each inhalation and exhalation, you’re also acknowledging Spirit. I love to do this form of meditation when I’m surrounded by water, either in a pool or the bathtub. So tonight, draw yourself a bath, let your thoughts go, and focus on your breath.

Lastly, I’d love to encourage you to journal about your meditation experiences. Keep track of the days you meditated and the days you didn’t. Notice your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in each day especially noting how clear your intuition becomes. Always remember by stilling the mind, releasing your inner chatter without judgment, you become a vessel for deeper wisdom and greater happiness.


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