Wendy Spinks, an intuitive empath born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1973 is also an award-winning creator, writer, creative producer. A certified Art Life coach and trained Demartini facilitator currently living in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Wendy co-founded Zeropoint Studios in 2010, acting in her role as a development /creative producer and content...

Wendy Spinks, an intuitive empath born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1973 is also an award-winning creator, writer, creative producer. A certified Art Life coach and trained Demartini facilitator currently living in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Wendy co-founded Zeropoint Studios in 2010, acting in her role as a development /creative producer and content strategist, for the TV, digital, and animation film industry.

A true polymath, with a background in human behaviour, advertising, fine arts and fashion, Wendy creates and develops content for global IP and sustainable brands aimed at multi-platforms including linear and nonlinear broadcast, VR, digital, online and social media.

Wendy completed her studies in Fashion Design and Business Management at FDMC in Johannesburg in 1993 and shortly thereafter began her own fashion label, Carnaby House, at just 21 years of age. After four successful years in the fashion industry in South Africa, Wendy moved to London where she worked in some of London’s top couture houses. While living in London she had a freak accident and a near-death experience in which she broke her neck and wrists and temporarily lost her voice. The event led to a spiritual awakening at the age of 26, in which she began to question everything and seek answers as to what was really going on in the world and why we are really here.

Since moving back to South Africa in 2003, Wendy styled for local and international magazines as well as for advertising agencies – adding a new slant to her creativity. Wendy also trained under the tutorship of fine artist Alain Nortje. Her ongoing research and study of Jungian psychology and human behaviour is a driving force and inspiration in her current work in animation and art life coaching.

In 2005, Habitat showcased Wendy’s paintings ahead of a mother/daughter exhibition at Bamboo Gallery in Melville, Johannesburg. Her paintings have been commissioned by corporates and private clients.

Currently, Wendy is combining her talents and passions, in art, story and human behaviour to be of service to others in their awakening journey. Wendy helps others to connect to flow and express their authentic voice.

Of her love of painting Wendy says, “It is simply being lost in the gap I am drawn to the most; time stops; the mind is quiet… here the connection to the unconscious is made.”


Preparation for Gate #3 - The Way Home

findinglflow_home Preparation for Gate #3 - The Way Home

On the dawn of a new world in 2020, with a knowing that the time is here, now, for us ALL as an entire civilization on Gaia comes online for an upgrade in the Golden Age and I find myself in practice for entering “gate 3”; my perceived last level of this game. Gate 3 in the book is called the No-Key-Gate; a keyless door made of Fantasian selenium that responds to the desires of those trying to pass through. Only those that don’t want to pass through, can. The more you desire, the more locked it remains.

So, how did Atreyu do it?

He was on a quest of a lifetime! But in the previous mirror-gate, he dropped his identity, he had no memory of past, he had no desires, he had only the present moment experience of being in pure joy. And so he passes through the final gate and he meets Uyulala, the voice of wisdom, in other words, he gains access to divine knowledge. Upgrade! Expansion!

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A Journey to the Gates

enchanting-old-garden-gate-with-ivy-and-flowers-picture-id901264936 A Journey to the Gates

Is the entry point to making leaps in consciousness always preceded by darkness?


I ponder Joseph Campbell’s Hero's Journey, the “Dark Night of the Soul”; considered to be a spiritual depression, an acute existential crisis requiring a deep dive into one’s darkest depths that must be endured before enlightenment. Dark Night of the Soul is not a new concept, the earliest origins date back to a poem written by the 16th-century Spanish mystic and poet St. John of the Cross. The void, or “the abyss” as I used to call it, appears to be the critical “space/place” of healing. The properties of this void intrigued me, is this “the nothing”(ness)?


It took me back to thoughts of one of my favourite childhood films and of Atreyu on his quest in The Neverending Story. The protagonist having endured the depressing death of his beloved horse Artax, is now on board the luck dragon; Falkor, in search of the borders of Fantasia…The experience within the void prickles with pure potential. He must pass through 3 gates to give a new name to the Childlike Empress, and save Fantasia from vanishing from existence.

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Flowing Down a Mountain

friends-skiing-snow-skiers-skiing-at-sunny-ski-resort-sunset-in-picture-id1089636072 Flowing Down a Mountain

My personal and most memorable experience of accessing a state of FLOW was entirely unplanned. It occurred while snow skiing, finding a single focus, through repetitive, harmonious movement, carving left to right, left to right, like a snake down a slope. No resistance. Moving in fear, to move past it. (Fear is after all just our ego (false-self) trying to protect us).

It was Valentine’s Day 2002, I was on a ski trip in the Alps with a boyfriend, but we were in no way having the romantic experience that information might conjure up. 

We were staying in the same ski resort in Austria I’d honeymooned at in my early twenties (it was disastrous as honeymoons go and a catalyst for our divorce just 6 months later). But it was here, where I had fallen in love with skiing.

Just a few weeks before this trip, I had chosen to abort a pregnancy. While making this choice very consciously, I was still recovering both physically and emotionally. I was not in love. Our relationship was already over. I still harboured unreconciled feelings for someone else back in South Africa. And on this day, the 14th of February — being the birthday of my childhood sweetheart and soul mate who had died in a car accident at the age of 23, while drinking and driving — to say that I was a walking, breathing emotional volcano, showing tangible signs of erupting, would not be an over dramatisation. The seismic activity in my system was real.


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Finding my Flow through my Fears

eyeofthestorm Finding my Flow through my Fears

Imagine how it could feel to be in the eye of the storm … Or better yet BE the EYE of ANY storm.

In this 4 part blog series, I explore and share around the topic; the Art of Finding your Flow, the spiritual practice of embracing your fears and moving through the 3 gates on the path to enlightenment (which can be viewed as access to a higher operating system and knowledge). The journey to becoming both fierce and fearless as we all choose to live our best lives imaginable.

We have all experienced chaos at one point in our lives, whether it be internal or via external circumstances. Certainly, today the level of chaos in the outside world has really ramped up, with no sign of slowing down, at times the experience can feel like being inside a pressure cooker, set to the max. And yet we all yearn for peace, for clarity, for connection…And Freedom.

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Weekday Personal Support

Join Panache Desai each weekday morning for support in reconnecting to the wellspring of calm and peace that lives within you and that has the power to counterbalance all of the fear, panic, and uncertainty that currently engulfs the world.

Designed To Move You From Survival and Fear to Safety and Peace. Available Monday - Friday. Meditation begins at 9 AM.  Access early to hear Panache's monologue -  around 8:30 AM.