From an adrenaline-based system to a heart-based system: Anchoring the Deep Heart

meditating-guru-boy-picture-id1015300864 From an adrenaline-based system to a heart-based system: Anchoring the Deep Heart

As I now awake to the melodious sound of happy birds instead of rushing people, to the Earth taking a deep breath, the Sun rising up on a new changing planet, I am in gratitude. We have all known that the pace and the impact of humanity without connection consciousness, without care to all beings or one another had to cease somehow. Little did we envision it would come in the form of a tiny particle. Yes there is tremendous hardship and for that my heart goes out. As we deepen together and awaken to the always connected universe, we are transitioning in force and unprecedented collective from normal to natural, from adrenaline-based stress-based living to a true sense of the underlying connection, love and universality based in the heart, our portal of oneness, of love at its highest singularity. We have the opportunity now more than ever to step out of normal which was devastating the planet into a more natural connected, radically inclusive, resonant relationship with our world, all of Creation and the Cosmos.


Adrenaline-based living is seated in the adrenals the place of defend and protect. It resides in separation, the need to be apart from or at odds with someone, something or circumstance.  The focus of the adrenal system is to act for survival purposes.Fear, lack and scarcity are also residents of this particular system. Though we have many effective preventative efforts to protect our system when we go into adrenal overload, it is perhaps at this time more effective and essential to de-focus from the adrenals and refocus on the aspects and power of the multidimensional heart, the great shift of our time. Indeed the adrenaline -based system could now be  outdated as our primary default. The adrenaline system is actually very connected to the heart system. We only protect and defend what we love and value thus both systems have love engaged though in different ways and vibrations.


Heart-based living removes the separation illusion, the identities that divide us and all that has been spoken to and over us, held our light hostage and kept us from knowing who we came here to fully be in our full power!

We shift from high alert to high intelligence, deep connectivity and peace.

This strengthens our ability to handle things that come our way, expected and unexpected. Love, gratitude, inclusivity, calm, high speed intelligence and embracing all of life as equal and a part of the Continuum, WE not me...


How do we do this?

We choose over and over again to refocus our breath, our energy to the heart. We choose to shift gears to neutral then to the highest iteration of love. We choose at least to breath from the most powerful electromagnetic field in our body, the heart, activating a  wave that infuses every cell and beyond, reconnecting 100 trillion cells back into harmony and coherency. As we do that without effort for it is natural and always present, we vibrate ourselves and every living particle back into communion. We resonate cells to stars, protons to universes, spheres to Infinity.

It is simple, return to the deep heart, anchor there which in turn sets us free. All of the Cosmos needs and calls forth your love, your light. You are powerful, the link in the Continuum influencing every second, every heartbeat, every breath.

Together from that place we walk this Planet.




~Shift your focus to the deep heart in the center of your chest

~Breath here in 5 seconds, out 5 seconds in all directions

~Allow this Heartwave to continue and increase exponentially…

~Sense all 100 trillion cells now breathing this Heartwave in unison harmonizing your body, your Field…

~Sense now your cells breathing in resonance with the stars, the galactic universe in harmony…

~Feel the stream of love and the conversation of light ,cells to universe and universe to you, ever present…

~Rest in this communion


Deepwave love,



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