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Your spiritual journey and your life journey are actually one and the same. There is no such thing as a journey without Spirit (even if you don’t believe in it – you have a soul, and that alone is an important thing to note!). We are all spiritual beings here to have a human experience. If you’re a spiritual seeker, it simply means you’ve chosen to walk through your life with a conscious awareness of yourself and your relationship to your Higher Power and all that entails. 

On the path of personal growth and spiritual awakening, it’s natural to have questions! There are so many different ways to invest in your self-discovery and growth. Each new tool, concept, or practice can help you live a fulfilling, Spirit-led life. 

Recently, I reached out to our community to find out the burning questions you have about spirituality, personal growth, and all things woo-woo. Today I want to share my answers and insights with you to some of the most common questions I received. 

1. How can I strengthen my spiritual journey? 

Your spiritual journey is a natural part of who you are. You will never stop being on your spiritual growth path, no matter how lost you may feel or what’s happening in your life. 

If you want to live as your highest self and invest in your spiritual transformation, it begins with acknowledging that there is a power greater than yourself and developing a relationship with it. Take a look at what you believe. Do you believe in this Higher Power – God, the Universe, Spirit, or whatever you choose to call it? Do you see yourself as separate from Source?

A life of spiritual awakening evolves within two pillars of truth. The first is the knowing that you co-create your reality within a partnership and relationship to a Higher Power, and the Universe reflects and responds. The second is the recognition that you have to surrender to life on life’s terms. Both are true at the same time. Spirit is present in all things, and you are also responsible and accountable for the reality you create. You are “ both, and”, “shadow and light.”  When you hold these things as true, you will be on track for the Spiritual life you desire. 

2. How do I keep up my spiritual practices when life gets in the way? 

In today’s world, we are all living full and busy lives as well as dealing with an inordinate amount of change and uncertainty. We have careers, families, bodies with needs and demands, relationships, and so much more. At the end of the day, keeping a strong spiritual practice is a matter of choice and priorities. 

Even when life throws us challenges, there are always little moments where we can remember our connection to Spirit. There might be phases where we have lots of time for meditation, journaling, and other practices. There will also be phases where we can hardly find the time to pull an Oracle Card. It’s essential to remember that our spiritual connection isn’t dependent on outside conditions being certain or calm. Spirit is always there for us, and it only takes a moment to become present and reconnect to this fact.

Life happens. You will be thrown curveballs. We live in a chaotic world. The way you keep up your spiritual practice is by making it automatic. Even in the chaos, you take 5 minutes to meditate or pull a card. And no matter how much or little you practice, you cultivate the constancy of your relationship with the Universe. Even when life has you feeling disconnected, Spirit is always there. 

3. How can I tap into my intuitive gifts when my limiting beliefs get in the way?

Your intuition is an innate part of who you are as a human being. It is a function of your relationship with your Higher Power –– your primary relationship. The more you strengthen this relationship, the more aware you’ll become of your intuitive gifts. Intuition isn’t something some people have and others don’t. If you want to strengthen yours, focus on getting yourself calm and centered by practicing meditation and finding ways to connect with your Higher Power. 

You can acknowledge that you have limiting beliefs. You can do the work to address them. But you also need to remember that your intuition is always available to you. This part of you only goes offline when you begin to disconnect from Spirit and see the outer world as the only reality when you are operating from fear and log onto survival mode. Bring your primary relationship with Spirit into alignment and a place of trust. You can do the work to address your limiting beliefs while also feeling connected to your intuition. 

4. As an empath, how can I avoid absorbing everyone’s energy around me?

As an empath myself, I’ve often found it difficult to avoid absorbing the energy of the collective and the people around me. But here’s the thing – you’re empathetic for a reason! It’s not that you want to turn this off, you just have to learn to protect yourself from the negative side-effects of getting overwhelmed or losing track of yourself. 

There are a few things I’ve found that help. The first is to ask a simple question on a regular basis: Is this mine? Any time you feel emotionally drained or overwhelmed, simply ask yourself this question. You’ll quickly gain clarity and be able to separate what belongs to you and what you’ve absorbed from others. Beyond this, you have to learn to set sacred boundaries. Be careful not to get into codependent relationships and be aware of energy vampires who want to take from you and not give anything in return. Finally, focus on 24-hour living. The more you can be present in the moment, the easier it will be to navigate your world with emotional ease and not get stuck in energy you picked up from others. 

Remember, your empathy is a gift. For an empath, being your highest self doesn’t mean turning it off. It simply means learning to live with this part of yourself in healthy ways that serve you.

5. What is my birth chart and how do I get it? 

I love doing readings that are a blend of astrology and Oracle Cards. Although I’m not an astrologer, I think a basic and rudimentary understanding of astrology can serve all of us on our path of spiritual awakening. It’s another kind of spiritual curiosity! 

Your birth chart is essentially a map of what was happening in the sky the moment you were born. It can support you on your quest for self-discovery and personal development. If you want to get your birth chart, watch this free video I created that walks you through how to generate and download yours based on the time, date, and place of your birth. 

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