It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Are You Saying “Yes” to Celebrating Life?


Celebration is our natural state, yet sometimes we forget or that knowingness gets buried in the day-to-day of what we call “life.”

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be that way, because when you show up on a yoga mat (or in a chair), you are showing up for life in a celebratory way.

Humor me a moment before you run away at the mention of the word yoga. Whether you’ve never set foot on a yoga mat, have limited mobility, or have been doing yoga for decades, almost everyone, including you, can practice BodyAwake® Yoga.

Yes, it is a yoga practice, but it’s not simply moving the body into positions (asana or poses). It’s about the invisible. It’s about…

  • Intention and where you focus it 
  • Breath and sensing the invisible energy that is You  
  • Expanding by consciously meeting the contracted places 
  • Training the mind to serve the heart 
  • Anchoring the Soulful Self in the core of the body 

Which is what “life” here on Earth is about. It’s about finding and fully revealing the True Self, here.

As we practice BodyAwake Yoga, we learn to manage the invisible because the invisible world is the real world. What you see “out there” is a reflection. It’s a mirror of how we are doing at integrating infinite possibility through our human experience.

As we awaken the Divinity within our humanity, we each become capable of sensing and feeling consciously in a new way. We enjoy. We love and our loved. We can both express ourself and hear others.

You step into an ability to receive and you exchange fully.

As this happens, you become filled with grace, flow, and ease without needing to control, direct, or make things be a certain way. You open to creative possibility and become pliable, flexible, and strong in the body and beyond.

We each start where we are.

BodyAwake Yoga is about infusing and anchoring consciousness—this presence that we are—into the core of the physical body. As we sit completely anchored in the body, we are gathered and focused. This allows us to infuse ourselves deeply into areas we’d not fully inhabited.

You reveal because the True You is being infused into…the hips, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, hands? Maybe it’s the spine or the belly? Perhaps the organs, glands or muscles?

All the body systems and parts are a reflection of consciousness. They are a dance of different frequencies, notes, and colors all intermingling together to create a body.

Awakening to all of the aspects of who we are, we become capable of…

  • Connection which shows up in the connective tissue matrix.
  • Loving which shows up in our cardiovascular health.
  • Exchanging, receiving as we give, which translates to a healthy respiratory system.
  • Metabolizing life which reflects as a healthy digestive system.

If we bury or push something aside, we often feel inflexible or powerless until we change dispositions.

We change dispositions by The Energy Codes® work and circuit building. Take It to the Body when there is a charge and feel, “Where do I need to build more circuits so that I can express freely and stay in love in all situations?”

We exponentially enhance circuit building as we Take It to the Body on the mat (or in the chair). Daily life shows us how to ignite circuits, and going to the mat expedites that happening.

When our consciousness is limited, so is our flexibility.

Is there a yoga position that you cannot get into? Perhaps it’s not at all or maybe it’s not fully into the asana.

In BodyAwake Yoga, you come with compassion to your physical edge to reveal those limiting factors. With your attention there, you squeeze the contracted area of the body while you breathe through it as if everything depended upon it.

By squeezing a contracted area, we contract it further so that we draw the mind’s attention there. As you breathe through it, it softens and becomes more pliable and flexible because You, the invisible and formless presence, the Soulful Self, begin to inhabit that area.

As we consciously animate aspects of our True Self, we become capable of animating aspects of the physical body.

You come to the mat (or chair) to find—

  • “Where is it I’m particularly tense in my body?”
  • “In what ways am I particularly weak?”
  • “How am I not distributing my attention equally?”

As we practice BodyAwake Yoga, these answers reveal in areas of the body. This allows us to focus our attention and intention.

Pause a moment, open your body and allow that openness to emit the Soulful Self. Allow this radiance of the truth of who you are to be perceptible by the mind.

When the mind finds this invisible, radiant essence, unity occurs. As unity occurs, we walk here as the Soulful Self able to steward and direct our intention.

When we come to the mat (or chair) and anchor the consciousness in the core of the body, we develop a sense of Self as a reflective point. A prism is established and infinite light drops into a single point of consciousness—a ray of light. We begin to emanate with strength and a robust comprehension of who we are.

As a conscious reflective point, we allow life to be free, flowing, and creative, yet until we’re in the body that freedom can’t happen.

Rather than continuously live in your head and try to control circumstances, come to the mat (or chair). Instead of needing things to go a certain ways go or micro-managing “life,” open to the truth. Remind yourself, this moment…and this one, in fact every moment, is new. When you allow the “new” there is hope and faith and trust and belief in the air.

May we come to the mat every day with that intention of “newness,” because every time the sun rises, we enter another cycle—another potential moment for embodiment. Perhaps one we might have missed the day before. Every time the sun sets, there is a potential for embodiment. There is an opportunity to awaken in the invisible realms so that everything looks new when the sun rises again.

As you continue reading this, take a deep breath in and exhale. It is easy to get caught up in life when pressures are high and conflict is up. We might begin to identify as an individual rather than this landing pad for the highest Self here as a human experience.

As we practice BodyAwake Yoga, we open inside the human experience and allow something more to reveal. More of who we are drops in and reveals out to the surface of our lives with grace.

Open your heart and lean back against the Central Channel (also known as the Shusumna). The channel opens automatically when you lean back against the spine. When you open this way, you allow this experience of the invisible You to be felt.

Lift your heart, constrict your throat, roll your eyes up and feel the tension behind your eyes, as you gently squeeze your shoulder blades, Mula Bandha, and allow your crown to open wide. As you open to more of who you are, there is a sense of renewal. Not sure how? Discover how on YouTube, get The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Life Your Best Life or participate in a free BodyAwake Yoga session.

What will you have be true no matter what?

Take a moment to be seated in the open heart as you fold over onto yourself either into childs pose or, if seated in a chair, fold the upper half of your body over your legs to your edge. Become aware of an emanation around you. Feel or imagine this energy, this electric communication system, filling the body.

As you begin to allow and feel this energy, take a deep breath in and slowly unfold. Inhale, reach your arms up overhead, exhale and become so fully here you begin to sense and feel the energy between your hands and in your feet. The more you sense and feel this energy you are cultivating, the sooner the mind can follow it.

The byproduct is the mind serves the heart and you live the joyful, abundant life you are here to live.

Anchored in the Central Channel feel or imagine white light pouring into the body from overhead for it is the rest of who you are. Gently squeeze the energy pouring in from overhead into the channel. Do not hold yourself as separate from that energy, rather become it. Let the energy flood down into, through and beyond you.

As you deeply embody and anchor more of the invisible you, the wholeness of you, You walk on this planet…

  • Knowing that you are divine source, there is nothing that is not you.
  • Knowing there is nothing to fear, there is only play and creativity.
  • Trusting because there is only love to share, there is nothing else.

The contractions and the patterns we live in to make things happen can bind us so that we limit our life experience.

It’s all okay, but for this moment, let’s have it all. Let it feel good.

This is BodyAwake Yoga. You evolve consciousness exponentially as you choose to come to your edge on the mat (or the chair). Instead of simply allowing life’s circumstances to polish you, you meet your edge consciously with presence and love.

We meet (live online) on the mat or in a chair multiple times a month in the BodyAwake Yoga membership. The live sessions are recorded, so that you can practice at your own pace, multiple times, or anytime it works for your schedule. When you are ready to step into a greater flow of abundance and ease in your life, register here and join me for the next BodyAwake Yoga session.

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