Are you walking a tightrope?

silhouette-of-man-walking-on-slackline-tight-rope-in-the-dusk-picture-id657548446 Are you walking a tightrope?

Do you ever feel as though life is a three ring circus? 

So many demands from everywhere for your time and energy… 

constantly juggling life’s responsibilities while trying to balance family, self care and career…?

This balancing act can leave even the strongest person feeling like they are walking a tightrope. It leads to stress upon stress that compromises the immune system and triggers unconscious stories that can sabotage your health and ability to have fun manifesting the life you want.

Take a moment to answer each question below honestly:

  1. Are you eating healthy and exercising regularly?
  2. Do you spend time learning to master your thoughts, set aside personal and quiet time just for you and meditate or use guided visualizations to train your brain?
  3. Do you feel close to family and friends?
  4. Do you love what you do and how you show up in your career?
  5. Do you feel in touch with your True Self and take time to notice and heed the emotional signals that tell you if you’re out of balance?
  6. Do you regularly experience well-being, contentment, love and joy?

Now you’ve done that, you have an idea of where you’re at right now…

Your past is responsible for how you’ve been feeling up till this moment!

That’s right, your unconscious past programs are running your life at least 95% of the time.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a slave to past events, emotions and decisions. You can control your thoughts and act as if your future dream life is happening now. Try this: feel the feelings of what it would feel like to have answered “YES!” to all the above questions. 

Your brain doesn’t differentiate between imagined and actual experiences. That’s exactly why mental rehearsal can be so powerful.  In neuroscience, Hebb’s Law states that neurons that fire together wire together, which is how we can create new neural pathways to support desired behaviors, habits and states.

Using your imagination, feel what it would feel like to realize a favorite, high priority goal. Really feel it! How much do you LOVE the emotions your thoughts are generating after you’ve designed it?

Now surrender the creation to your True Self…the expansive, non judgmental, loving and wise, high frequency being that you are. 

Love yourself enough to do this daily to stimulate surprising results.

True success is wholistic; it involves the balance not only of your inner and outer life, but the different areas of your life. 

Loving yourself enough means being diligent in coming to a place of balance and wholeness – it’s an ongoing work in progress!

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success, Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

PS: Here’s a gift of LOVE to Raise Your Love Vibration

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