Are You Willing to Live Consciously... Especially when times are challenging?


It seems that for many in our community, a sense of temporary reprieve has been replaced with yet another round of stressful and challenging situations, including human rights, physical/emotional/mental health, financial, and otherwise. Granted, there are people all over the world who are dealing with these and more every day, and we are holding them in our hearts and prayers.

It is not difficult for any of us to feel into what are often called lower frequencies. These would include worry, anger, fear, thoughts of revenge, and perhaps even disappointment that life just won’t smooth out. 

“Here we go again” is a sentiment I keep hearing from friends, family, co-workers, and even people I make casual conversation with when out in the world.

We may have the best of intentions to stay in high vibration and not allow ourselves to be gripped by these lower frequencies, but once we take a step in that direction, the slope downward is slippery and takes supreme commitment to climb back up.

Given that the temptations to get lost in circumstances and fall from the Grace of Love are all around, I wonder if it’s true for you, as it is for me, that now is the perfect time to reassess and challenge ourselves with the question of willingness?

Are you willing to live consciously, even (and especially when) in times of great stress and uncertainty?

Are you willing to acknowledge that perfection is, and that it only seems to be distant because we allow ourselves to perceive imperfection?

Are you willing to live and breathe Love in every moment of every day of this beautiful life we’ve been given?

I hear many of you saying, “Yes, I am willing!”

So how does this willingness look and feel to you? Take a moment, breathe into your “yes” and allow guidance, God, the Divine, the Field, to speak to you and express through you.

We are powerful generators of energy! Both science and ancient wisdom confirm this is true. 

Remember, there is no such thing as an idle thought. Every thought we have, whether spoken or unspoken, goes into the field of creation and joins with “like” frequencies, creating powerful manifestations. 

There is no better time than Now to take stock of your vibrational footprint and notice 

what frequencies are spilling out of you. 

Ask yourself, “With this thought, what am I contributing to the field? Be thoughtful, present, aware, and dedicated to doing this practical and metaphysical work.  When we do this, we can be a healer and alchemist in our home and to all those whose lives we touch.

In the higher vibrational frequencies of peace, joy, gratitude, and love, lower moods melt away. We heal naturally and find ourselves on a foundation of solid ground, emanating health and wellbeing for our own benefit and for the benefit of all of Life.

When we do this work together, it opens the door to miracles and synchronicities. Soon, these occurrences simply feel like the next natural step on the conscious path. It’s not magic. It’s science!

Coming in just a couple of weeks is our 2021 Global Oneness Summit where we are going to delve deeply into these topics. We’re proud to say that all of our content, both on our website and at Humanity Stream Plus, our streaming membership, is offered to support you on your own personal journey so that we can all make conscious living pervasive worldwide by 2040.

We have a choice when it comes to perception. Let’s choose to always see the Perfection that is the True Reality.

Let’s support each other as we journey on the conscious path!

In Oneness and Love,


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