At Times Like These---Do Not Get Discouraged


It’s time.  Please stop hiding your love under a bushel or a credit card statement. Do not apologize for believing in greater things—for yourself and for the state of our planet. It’s time to stop treating your quest for self-realization like a crumb of lint on your jacket, brushing your truth away.  I am asking you to stop listening to the noise of the media or your relatives. What does your heart whisper? What does this uncanny prophet know?

Here’s what I know: You’ve been chosen, marked, assigned. We all have. We are here to discover our light, a capacity within us that turns every “problem” into a portal of freedom.

And in times like these, we are called to not get discouraged. It’s easy to get discouraged. It’s habitual. It’s “realistic.” But it’s toxic, a gas leak that will blind and choke you from the inside out, leaving you exhausted in ways that have no names. You cannot be casual when it comes to your magic.  Your grace requires attention. We are not talking about preferences—but about survival.   

This is your time to stop doubting your way---and to uncover it instead. You have maverick magic. 

It’s not reality, but the “the reality” you believe when you’re discouraged that weighs you down. And yet, the world is hungry for who you really are. It’s so hungry for it, it does not know the name of the medicine it needs. It howls with need. You, who have love to give in any form, are what the world needs. You are the medicine.

It’s too easy to get discouraged. These are the fabrications and claptrap that unravel your enthusiasm:  It’s too hard. The world’s not fair. You won’t make money. You’re too old. “It” should have happened by now. You’re not even clear about what to do. These lies have gutted multitudes.

And perhaps you listen to the reasons as though they are “reasons.” Oh, but they are serpents, succubus and spells. Your “reasons” are annihilations in brown paper bags. You are playing it ‘safe.” Let me tell you right now, you are not playing it safe. It’s dangerous to deny your essential power in favor of a mirage of solidity. It’s insane to deny love. Love is the only force that can awaken your true abundance and transform life as you know it.

It is time to be encouraged.

It is time to encourage yourself-- because this is the greatest act of courage and sanity there is. 

Chase your heat or sweetness, anything that beckons you. You are beckoned by holiness.  Dare to believe your life is opening up into greater good. It’s not grandiose or messianic to believe in the messiah of your heart. Believe me, it takes humility to obey the message in your bloodstream. 

Yes, it’s easy to get discouraged, but you cannot indulge this laziness now, this self- blasphemy, this disease, a diaspora of the mind that tells you something isn’t working--when it is working perfectly. I know I have felt stuck before. And when I looked back, I realized I’d been moving forward in unseen ways. But my mind had been lying to me, conjuring images of how it should be. Remember always, your magic will defy your mind.   

Do not fall for appearances, what things “look like.” Stay true to what you feel or know.       

It’s time to devote yourself to believing in your life. And to dare to dream floppy, buoyant, brilliant dreams. Believing in a dream is an antidote to bitterness. It’s a vitamin. It’s shakti energy. It’s a crown upon your head gleaming in the astral planes that attracts new and interesting people and very wild “coincidences.” It’s a road that gets you out of dodge.

Yes, it’s easy to get discouraged, to look around and see brokenness, failure, and people whose values and choices make you cringe. It’s easy to judge what is going on instead of bringing your voice to the mix.  But we don’t need your judgment. We need your message, not your dull mewling complaint. We need your sweeping cry or path to awakening or restoration.  We need the torch of your hope or your anger turned into the actions of resurrection. You are the representative of a light without limits, a love without edges, a promise without expiration. 

And what if every circumstance is conjured to push you to use that light, to rouse you into freedom instead of comfort-- or consummation instead of resignation? 

I believe it is. I hope it is. I’m saying that it is, because to say so, reassures me and to say otherwise defeats me. I will always choose the perspective that gives me hope, the perspective that gives me energy. I refuse to hold any perspective that robs me of possibility. It’s my responsibility to stay afloat.

I dare you to become relentless on your own behalf or for something you believe in. I dare you to experience the power of love over fear.

We need mavericks now. We need you to knit your brains out, if that’s what makes you feel whole. We need you to research nutrition, run for office, or run out of your office, if that’s what your heart commands. We need you to be the presence in the meeting that does not slip into despair or apathy. We need you to uncover peace even in your cubicle or marriage or with your son’s addiction. Because when you move beyond the painful stories of your mind, you uncover the possibilities of your spirit-- and the landscape and the playing field changes instantly. And you need this. And we need this.

It’s easy to get discouraged. It’s as easy as settling back into a plump blue velour chair or dozing at the wheel while driving through the black flatlands on a moonless night. But wake up my love. Wake yourself up. Do not talk yourself out of your desires for even a second. The world is malleable to magic. Do not make “reality” seem like a dreary canvas with no hope of fresh paint.

Yes, it’s easy to be discouraged. 

But now is the time to believe in your life as you have never believed before. Your life is not static.  

You do not live in the world of facts. You live in the world of miracles, where things can change at any instant. Where have you been tempted to give up on what you desire or believe in? Choose to believe again. You have your desires for a reason, and it’s not to ignore their light.  Dare to side with love instead of fear. Be a force of magic. Be different. Be the difference. Yes, in times like these. It’s your time. 

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