Authentic Confidence: Discover the Tools to Release Fears, Self-Doubt & Cultivate an Unshakable Trust in Yourself

winner-picture-id615524918 Authentic Confidence: Discover the Tools to Release Fears, Self-Doubt & Cultivate an Unshakable Trust in Yourself

I was eating dinner with my husband recently, and we were talking about the extraordinary potential of the Feminine Power movement.

I was feeling deeply inspired by all of the passionate, committed women who are giving themselves to this work, and the impact we can have on the future of our world.

As we were talking about it, I was just feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of you and I decided I wanted to share something that will help you step forward and give your gifts to the world.

It’s an hour-long training that is usually only for participants in my paid programs, but I’d like to offer it to you at no charge.

But first, I want to invite you to consider a question:

  • Are you holding yourself back rather than stepping out in boldness?
  • Do you ever hesitate when a new opportunity opens up right before your very eyes?
  • Are you out in the weeds, rather than traveling the broad highway of possibility before you?

As women living in this age of opportunity, we feel an incredible sense of possibility.

Yet, at times, we also feel paralyzed by fear and insecurity.

The tension between these two polarities makes it difficult to step forward and meet the opportunity of this moment.

But the way that we women have experienced our insecurities also puts us in touch with important information: what we don’t know, where we’re not certain, and where we don’t feel confident.

In the realm of creative and spiritual actualization, this can become fertile ground from which to source authentic power!

I recently taught a class to my ongoing Feminine Power graduate community to expose the hidden power that lies beneath this experience of hesitancy you might be having.

I shared the Feminine Power transformational tools to release your fear and move beyond self doubt to a position of empowerment so that you can discover the true source of your own authentic self-confidence.

The seminar was so impactful for the women in this program that I wanted to share it with you as a gift — at no charge.

You can download the audio seminar by clicking on the link below:

Authentic Confidence: Discover the Tools to Release Fears, Self-Doubt & Cultivate an Unshakable Trust in Yourself here at no charge.

The women in my programs paid over $100 for this one seminar alone.

But I really wanted to do something for you to thank you for participating in this movement.

Claire Zammit is the founder of the Feminine Power courses for women. Get instant access to your Free Feminine Power e-book below. 

Feminine Power e-book

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