Be Here and Be Calm

world-in-a-drop-nature-environment-green-water-earth-picture-id125143761 Be Here and Be Calm

Some call our current situation a pandemic.

I call this era in history “The Great Calm”

The “Great Depression” in the 1930’s sparked a wave of fear and scarcity.

The “Great Calm” happening now is a wave of Peace. A worldwide harmony, far beyond anything ever experienced.

My contribution to the Great Calm is the Harmony Refresh.

A Heartful Harmony Refresh is a simple skill with three easy steps,
• feel your physical heartbeat
• be aware of your breath
• relax your body and settle into calm

As the world slows down and stops to pause, we will be able to amplify our personal experience of Harmony, reduce fear and increase calm in the world!

Now, more than ever
We need the skill of a Harmony Refresh.

You don’t need to understand how electricity works to turn on a light switch. Feeling your heartbeat will reduce stress and increase calm. Try feeling your heartbeat as often as you can. See what happens.

You can be a part of the Great Calm.
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This is the Great Settling

A time when the frantic world

and everyone is allowed a moment
to settle into Calm,

Into Peace

Experience the Harmony
That has been here
All along

This is the time to relax

and realize
Is okay
Right Now

There is no “wrong now” only a Right Now.

Allow Harmony to support you
This is your natural state of being

Let your life settle

The great settling begins with a
Mighty kick
To the ant hill
Of humanity

There may be chaos

For a while
But Harmony will return

The crisis
Will settle
Into the natural order
Of Harmony
This is the work
Of our being

When the chicken
Understands the function
Of the egg
It will let it go

What is necessary
In this time
Is rebirth
Not repair

The Great Settling
To wash through you

You are not drowning, so do not struggle to swim

Feel your heartbeat


Feel the towers of Babble
crumble and collapse
Around you
While you are safe
In the Calm of your being

Allow every emotion
To settle

You are safe

Be calm inside yourself

The “Great Depression”
Sparked a wave
Of fear and scarcity

The “Great Calm”
Is a wave of Peace.
A harmony, far beyond anything ever experienced

No one noticed
Until it was too late
The universe is saturated with Harmony

It is time to accept
The inevitable


Settle into your Calm

The Gift of Life is a gift of Harmony

Feel your heartbeat

Allow your body to settle

Be still and be the peace
That has no where else to go

The Great Settling
Can be heard
In the whispering silence
Made still
By causes
Beyond our understanding

There is nowhere to run

Feel your heartbeat, Breathe, Relax

The sun shines
The trees grow
Our fear does not hinder Nature
There is certainty in an unknown future

Now is our time
To rest in the Great Calm

Not forever
But for now


Let love
Into the rhythm
of your heart

No one needs to listen to me
But you must listen
To your own heart

You cannot escape your heartbeat
Your breath is your constant companion in life

Settle into Calm

Allow this sacred time
To be Sacred

Taste the presence
Of being
In the stillness
Of the space created
by the Universal exhale of fear

The solution to isolation
Is compassion

We support one another
Because we can
Only settle together

We are settling together
Like gentle snowflakes
Drifting safely
To rest on the Earth

Humanity is woven like a blanket
Thrown over the world for warmth
Not darkness

We are woven.
When one moves
We all move together
There is only one air we breathe

The air is charged
Where lightning strikes
The eye of a hurricane is an atmosphere of Harmony
Be in the stillness
Inside the storm


Rest in who you are
Rest in this precious moment
You are living in the great calm

Suffering and despair
Can end now

The memory of our history is like
Hurricanes of fear
Erupting from volcanos
In a nuclear war

A fan will keep spinning when you unplug the power but it will slow down and stop. The source of fear is unplugged. Let Life settle.

We can stop now.
We do not need to struggle to survive
We are alive.

The storm is over


Allow your self
To settle


Be Calm

Resistance is futile
there is
Nothing to resist

Bombs are not falling
The war to end all wars is over.
The echoes of the great depression are being replaced
By the heart song of the Great Calm.

We must take shelter
In a storm
But be Calm

Habits are all that is left to haunt us
Any terror
You may feel
At the moment
Will pass

You cannot outrun what is inside you

Feel your heartbeat

The refuge you seek
Is in your Heart

The safety you desire
You already have

Feel your heartbeat, Relax, Be Calm

Your Life is all you need

Play your get out of fear free card
Think and Do what you have always wanted to do
do not squander this free time, do only what is important

The only thing
We wanted
Was suffering to stop

All we want now
Is to be

The Great Calm
©3-14-20 Will Hale -Tadpole Parade

FEELING YOUR HEARTBEAT can restore harmony, eliminate fear and amplify love.

A Heartful Harmony Refresh can help you settle into calm.
Click Here for a complementary guide to learn the Harmony Refresh skill and join the Great Calm!

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