Be the Creator of Your Own Happiness

In every human being is a limitless reservoir of power which can overcome anything in the world. Tapping into this is the true essence of the human experience. 

The day you realize that you can overcome any weakness, you are the winner. You should accept that your subconscious can solve all your problems,  heal your body, and prosper you in every way. 

Trusting the power and wisdom of your subconscious mind is essential. By living in this fashion you are creating a superstructure for happiness. Since happiness is the ultimate and only goal of the individual, focusing on it completely is extremely imperative. 

When you wake up in the morning,  it is essential for you to repeat to yourself "Divine order takes charge of life and things are working for your good, Divine Love enfolds me and I move forward in peace" 

Whenever the attention wanders anywhere, bring it towards yourself and affirm the lovely contemplative things you started the day with. Say and repeat to yourself " I am a spiritual and mental magnet, attracting to myself all things that bless and prosper me"

The brain can be trained into any which way we desire. Constantly affirming positive thoughts when we wake up each morning,  puts our brains on a certain path. Reconfirming makes it a habit. Slowly over time it becomes an inherent and integral part of our psyche. We start thinking positive thoughts, this will naturally attract towards us positive circumstances, creating for us the life that we desire to lead. 

Society and social norms teach fear and guilt, it is considered selfish to be desiring your own happiness. This is the very reason that people develop comfort zones in unhappiness. It is very easy to become comfortable with negative messages, as that is mostly the environment we grow up in, and we feel sorry for ourselves quickly, constantly seeking sympathy and approval, stemming from our own lack of self worth. 

Giving thanks to the divine is essential. You really need to thank the Universe many times for your countless blessings. 

The intensity and force of your silent thoughts and emotions is huge, the mental scenario needs to be constantly monitored.  Mental condemnation or praise silently enters the sub conscious mind, and starts creating a new reality accordingly.

We are the creators of our Universe, keeping our thoughts aligned correctly within, is our own responsibility. 

This is the most powerful technique in creating a new reality.  As we think and visualize, we create a reality to match with our vision.

Another person can only annoy you if you allow them to. Being emotionally mature, is to stay beyond the natural tendency which is childish. The feeling to respond negatively to criticism and resentment. 

Do not allow anyone to deflect you from your inner peace and radiant health. 

Take on the responsibility to be the creator of your own reality. That is the only true path to happiness.  
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