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Julie-Murphy-7-7-2020-blog The World Needs Light

There’s so much going on around us these days. Does it feel like we’re almost in this surreal experience? An out-of-body experience? I can only imagine what it’s like for those who are feeling all of this anger and sadness about what’s going on. As with most of us, it’s been a challenge for me to know the best way to navigate this time but there’s something I’m super clear on…

Anger Comes from Sadness

I learned from one of my teachers that anger is a deeper version of sadness, and that rage is a deeper version of anger… which is also sadness. I experienced a lot of anger and even rage as I was going through the last parts of my marriage, which  actually seems really small compared to what's going on today, but I think it can help us understand a little. 

I really learned that this anger and rage I was feeling was telling me something. It was revealing how sad I was. So if you’re feeling a deep sadness or you’re in a place of rage and anger and you’re super triggered… ask yourself, “Why am I sad?” Don’t simply live with anger and rage. Question yourself, “Why am I sad?”

Sadness Can Free You

I remember towards the end of my marriage, sitting there thinking or walking around my house as I was hitting this huge patch of rage—something that wasn’t even close to the rage we’re seeing today—and I just kept asking myself, “Why am I sad? Why am I sad?” Things started to come up as I kept asking this question. It allowed my feelings to move. Rather than remaining stuck in my anger, this question helped me move forward. 

What’s happening today is that because people have stuffed so much down, kept it down, and tried to toughen up and just march through, there’s so much sadness buried deep under our anger. None of us know what it’s like to live in anyone else’s shoes, and while I have two brother-in-laws that are black and I have learned so much from the two of them over the years and am grateful for their perspective… there’s still a lot of sadness out there. For a lot of us. And so many of us don’t understand what that sadness is about because we haven’t allowed ourselves to.

The World Needs Light

What I came to learn from my experience with rage is that by shifting myself into a life that brought me happiness and joy, it not only allowed me to create a better life but it also allowed the space for others to do the same—including my ex. Even though it didn’t come in a perfect package—god knows  it didn’t come in a healthy or loving package—what I know is that as I worked on my sadness and felt through those things, I have been able to create a better future.

If we all work on our sadness and we allow ourselves to feel those feelings, hopefully in a healthier way, we can change what’s going on in our own hearts and also in the world around us. Meaning, if you’re the bright light and you can find it in yourself to share good and spread love, so much can change for the better.

There are terrible things going on around us, and I’m not suggesting we ignore it. I’m simply saying we should be the light. Be the one to spread more love. What’s needed now is a shit load of love and compassion. This need is in our faces and it’s up to us to fill that need.

I know when I finally shifted the things that were in my life and my marriage that were not in my highest and best interest, nor anyone else’s in my family, it gave the opportunity for everything to shift into a healthier alignment. And now it has. I know that all of this can get to that place too but you have to choose to be the light. You have to be the one to choose to affect your world. Even if it’s just your children, or your close circle, because it’s all energy.

Be the Light

Even if you’re not with anyone else or doing anything massive in the world, we are all one whether we like it or not. We all share this earth whether we like it or not. And we're all here whether we like it or not. So be the bright light. I challenge each of you to find the courage, even though you may be going to a place of fear or struggle, because everything can be solved with love and compassion. I promise you that.

It’s time for us all to return back to our honor, respect, dignity, and love and compassion. I hope and trust that each one of us will find that in our own ways. We all deserve to live in a world that’s full of happiness and brightness, not one of darkness, struggle, and sadness.

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