Be the Master of All Moments of Resistance

gold-light-sphere-ball-with-glitter-sparkles-burst-and-glowing-picture-id1194831233 Beyond the resistance is the flow.

How would you like to live, literally, in a sphere of light that by its very proximity to you enables you to see every step of your path? Imagine how nice it would be to be able to see situations clearly before they went bad so that, for example, you wouldn't say those hurtful words. You wouldn't spend the money you couldn't afford. You wouldn't take the drug or the drink or the food, or participate in the entertainment that somehow compromises or contaminates you. You wouldn't fall into a depression.

We are each created to be in relationship with and have within us in that relationship a kind of golden orb whose radiance provides us with a protective sphere -- a shelter of refuge, safety, strength -- all in one powerful light. If you will work with what I am going to show you about negativity, you can experience the golden orb given to you by the same God that created you -- one that will take away forever the power that negative forces have had over you.

Let's begin by looking at resistance. What do you know about resistance other than that you run into it every day? Well, aren't negativity and resistance the same thing? And isn't it also true that in the moment that you resist something, you are absolutely certain about the fact that you must resist it?

 Here's an important fact about resistance: You cannot feel resistance without being secretly identified with something. You look at the desk stacked with bills, or you look at the sink full of dirty dishes, and you think, "Oh, I just can't do this." What you are really seeing is the content of your past experiences in similar moments. You do not look at the bills, you do not look at the dishes -- you see only the content of your own nature. 

In the moment of looking at something you don't want to "do," you're really looking at someone you don't want to be. "I don't want to be the one who has to pile through the negative experience that I'm sure sits before me." Instead, you must begin to understand that the negative thing doesn't sit before you -- it sits within you! And the real obstacle is that you see the condition through a part of yourself that has had moments similar to this in the past and is sure that what it now feels about the moment ahead of it is what it will feel once it begins to do what it now resists doing.

But if you've ever experienced going through some resistance, you know from yourself that you always discover that you're much better off having entered into the condition as opposed to sitting back and hating it. If you hate anything, it means you're identified with that negative state and you will assume its very shape. Do habitually lazy individuals suddenly become liberated workaholics, or, do they find ways to continue to degenerate into the very thing that they say they don't want to be? Any state a person resists becomes his or her fate. 

The next time you feel resistance, remember the Golden ORB. O-R-B is a helpful acronym that stands for Observation, Remembering, Being. Let us examine this powerful tool step by step:

If you work to observe yourself, you will realize that what you see and resist has nothing to do with what is in front of you and everything to do with what is within you. What you see is the content of your own negative past experience. You couldn't resist something if you hadn't experienced it -- which means that what is really weighing you down is the unseen weight of your own experience. That's all there is, and it does not belong to the subject of your observation -- it's yours! This shifts the responsibility, doesn't it? Now there's nothing to blame because you're not a victim.You are responsible. 

The next step is Remembering. Remembering what? Remembering that, "I'm not just this resistance. There's a God. There's Truth. There's an "I" that isn't conditioned." You choose the words. The point is to apply yourself to remembering by bringing in the light of observation. Ask yourself, "Is it necessary for me to be negative?" That question is the beginning of self-observation. Why? Because no self would ask the question that was a part of the thing it was questioning.

And finally, Being. You enter into the situation consciously. You find out what the truth of it is. With repetition, the whole process of observation, self-remembering, and being  moves in an upward spiral, lifting you above the negative forces that formerly enslaved you.

Call on the Golden Orb when you face any negativity. Come wide awake and wish to learn more about your resistance. Say to yourself, "Ah! I will not listen to what resistance tells me about this situation. I must find a new way of seeing it. I must find Something in me that understands more about this situation than what I'm telling myself is true about it."

Challenge your own negativity and you will discover for yourself the truth that "beyond the resistance is the flow."

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