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Beditation and the 7 Skills of Harmony 

woman-resting-at-home-picture-id1089708010 Beditation and the 7 Skills of Harmony 

Have you ever had a light bulb moment when a fresh new idea came to you? My favorite time of day for Aha! moments is first thing in the morning, laying in bed, calm and supported. Resting in a receptive atmosphere, observing my thoughts, feelings and sensations without resistance or judgement.

The first three skills of Harmony are,
1. Feel your heartbeat
2. Breathe
3. Rest into calm

This is what I call a Harmony Refresh. It is the foundation of everything I do in the Heartful Harmony System. This creates a fertile environment for every heart desire.

The Harmony Refresh skill is easy to learn. For a free pdf guide and more information Click Here

THE FOURTH SKILL OF HARMONY is the first of four power boosts to amplify the effects of a Harmony Refresh.
I have simplified decades of meditation practice into the Seven Skills of Harmony.

POSTURE is the fourth skill of Harmony. It’s not glamorous but important. Heartful Harmony has two posture forms. The first is BEDITATION, which is exactly like it sounds. Laying in bed feeling fully supported. An advantage of beditation is it requires no physical effort. You can’t do it wrong because you aren’t doing anything. You can let go of muscle tension and relax your body into an unrushed calm state with nowhere to go.

The more traditional Heartful Harmony posture is to sit on the edge of a solid chair with your spine straight, keeping your shoulders back and heart open. It helps to find a chair that is best for your height, so your legs slant gently downward with your feet on the ground. I have found, posture matters if you want to move energy. Sitting aligned in this way can be simple and comfortable.

Literally any posture can be used to feel your heartbeat, breathe and relax. I have found these two methods best for boosting a Harmony Refresh and more quickly restoring Harmony.

HARMONY EXPERIMENT: Try it yourself:

Sit in a variety of postures and observe how energy feels in your body.
Try, cross legged, kneeling, standing, sitting on a chair with a straight spine, slouching forward, sitting back or laying in bed.

Experiment with beditation while listening to music, affirmations or one of the Call to Calm Meditations with Panache Desai

The Great Calm Meditation Here would be an easy starting place to practice beditation. Six minutes of relaxing first thing in the morning or before going to bed. Remember, the deepest level of beditation may look like sleep. :-) 

"Sleep is the best meditation." Dalai Lama

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