Better Living with Mindfulness

betterliving Better Living with Mindfulness
In today's world where everyone and everything is constantly on the run,  it is extremely important that one is mindful of one's own everyday life. 

Stress is normally a two way process.  It is about how stress affects one's physical and mental health,  and how that physical and mental health affects us. 

Since we as individuals are, each one of us, unique in our own lives,  it would be correct to experiment with certain stress relief strategies to arrive at the right one. We must try to find strategies which help to manage stress in a healthy manner,  and keep it at a manageable level. 

Whatever we put into our minds will greatly impact our mental and psychological quotient. This includes doing things that keep your mind sharp. It can be activities like reading books or watching movies or any other activities that could be fuelling the mind. On another level, compassion, healthy inner dialogues and gratitude help mental peace. Many other activities  enhance inner peace.


It is important to develop a deep sense of meaning, understanding and connect with the Universe. 


It is important also to be able to deal with uncomfortable emotions. We need to be able to express our feelings on a regular basis. Incorporating emotional self care into our lives is imperative. 


We constantly live in an either Pastime Paradise or a Future Paradise. In this constancy of our lives,  we are creating stress beyond our current existing situation. It is very important to live in the here and now. 


Until we haven't understood the real meaning of mindfulness,  it's impact on our lives,  cannot be understood completely. 


To truly understand mindfulness,  we can say that in simple words it only means" living in the here and now". It also signifies a heightened sense of sensory stimuli, this could be in terms of the breathing, feeling the sensations going through the body etc. There isn't any religious connotation attached to it.  But here is a powerful tool for positive change. 


Simply focusing on the present moment can propel us to reach and then live in a state of mindfulness 

Meditation is a good way.  It is a quick fix stress reliever. It helps in building resilience.Through meditation,  we can get various benefits of mindfulness, since it helps in the following ways:

1. The mind clears
2. Ageing goes into a slower rate
3. As the mind clears creativity increases. 
4. You can use oxygen more efficiently. 
5. Immunity improves
6. Sweat less
7. Produce less cortisole
9.  B. P. Normalises
10. Heart rate gets slower and more normal. 

It is actually easier to give up life damaging habits like,  smoking, drinking drugs,  and other negative self damaging ones. 

In today's world there is  too much pressure, from all walks of life,  which makes multitasking an easy option , but it needs to be checked and streamlined. 


Practicing mindfulness means,  living your life on a more aware level. With a lot of practice in the area,  the level of consciousness,  just rises.  Each act of yours,  done with CONSCIOUS awareness , keeps you grounded in the present reality. 


 With most people,  mindless eating is common. Lots of people are on their phone or watching TV while eating,  which is a very unnecessary stress building activity.  It is important to be paying attention to each bite , chewing slowly,  savoring the taste. 


It signals you with what it wants,  whether it is satisfied or craving more food. Awareness makes you focus on nutrition. 


Whether we are walking,  gyming,  bathing,  playing games,  in whatever we do, it is essential that we focus on the present moment. 


It is essential  that as we move from one activity to another , we pause.  This keeps awareness focused on each activity separately. 
Mindfulness does require deep concentration and practice. But in the long run, it becomes a habit, an inherent part of the persona which starts to live in a naturally joyous state. 
This state now  is a natural condition, with less stress,  better relationships, and a level of overall sense of happiness. 
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