Breakdown or Breakthrough

young-plant-growing-through-the-ground-picture-id515785771 Breakdown or Breakthrough

Times of change and craziness really bring a lot of clarity sometimes, and one of the things I wanted to share with you guys that I’m becoming super, super clear on, especially with everything that’s going on, is this: unless we deliberately make a change, we are going to start repeating all of our old patterns, or at least try to repeat a lot of the patterns from before COVID, even if that means repeating the worst of our suffering cycles.

Here’s what I mean…

The Effects of Repeating Patterns

The other day, I went out to a restaurant to eat with my kids. It’s been a long time of social distancing and we wanted to enjoy some time out for a bit. However, as I was eating at the restaurant, I noticed something as I was eating food I hadn’t been eating for the last few months. I kept having to blow my nose because there was something in the food that I have a sensitivity to. I’d been far more careful and was choosing better foods before, but as life started going back to “normal,” I made some exceptions for myself. And it didn’t feel good.

I know this is a really, really small example but it represents a big meaning. There are so many patterns we are repeating every day, and that we’ll start repeating again once our “normal” starts up again. 

In case some of you aren’t aware of astrological charts or the Schoolman Index, the energy intensity that’s going on here on earth is massive. We are either being called to break down due to all of our patterning and stay in our suffering cycles that have created the life you have now… or we’re being called to have a breakthrough.

Are You Going to Have a Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Personally, I am going to break through every ounce I possibly can. I’m aligning with my soul in exactly what I’m here to do, because if I don’t, then the hits of life are going to keep on coming. Things are going to become more intense and if I’m unwilling to break through and align, the suffering cycles will simply continue. 

We all are going to have life lessons that prompt us to go in the direction of our soul. For many of us, that shows up in what we call a “midlife crisis.” This is when your soul starts to lead your life versus your personality, but that’s not what I’m doing. That’s not what has to happen here. You don’t have to wait for that breaking point.

No matter what age you are, you’re going through ups and downs, experiencing crisis points, but it doesn’t have to go to a crisis. You can choose to face your stuff now, just like I’m facing my stuff every day. I’m human, just like you guys, but what I’m really clear on is how important it is to keep on breaking through.

If you choose to sweep things under the rug or hide from your traumas and difficulties, this breaks you down and will absolutely start to consume you, sending you into a downward crisis spiral. The energy of today will either catapult you forward into a new beginning and a new life, or it’s going to catapult you farther down in your breakdown, consuming you on some level as the crisis keeps growing bigger… until you actually make a shift.

What’s Your Personal Journey?

I wanted to share this today because as I was sitting at lunch, trying to infiltrate back into society and then repeating old patterns that weren’t good for me, I realized how important it is to truly align with your soul. I hope you think about this, because each of us have our own individual pathway that leads to our highest and best life. I hope you do the most self loving thing. Do you, and the universe or God will fill out the rest.

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