Common Law Of Attraction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


The Law of Attraction works perfectly, but that doesn’t mean we operate it perfectly!

Just like the Wright brothers studied gravity and faced failure along the way to achieving flight, your frustrations with manifestation may simply be a disconnect with how the Law of Attraction really works. 

And if the Law of Attraction fails to produce the results you desire, I invite you to consider some of the most common Law of Attraction mistakes that result in self-sabotage and manifestation blocks.

Today’s post will help you overcome your frustration and disappointment and guide you through some of the most common Law of Attraction mistakes so you can begin living a life you love!

So let’s end the struggle and start on the path to successful manifestation.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful tools available to us today on this planet. It works when we align our thoughts with our desires (and there’s an entire science behind the Law of Attraction).

And when we focus on what we want, the Universe provides it to us.

That’s because each thought holds its own vibration, and your thinking creates your “frequency”. This vibrational frequency is what the Law of Attraction uses to bring things into our reality. 

So you attract things that match the frequency you’re on.

But did you know that the Law of Attraction is only one of 11 Universal laws of success?

In fact, if you’ve been trying to attract more love, abundance, health, or wealth into your life but you’re not getting results with the Law of Attraction, it’s not because it “doesn’t work”.

You may just be using it out of sync with the rest of the Universal Laws. 

#1 Law of Attraction Mistake People Make When Manifesting: Ignoring the 11 Universal Laws of Success

What you aren’t aware of has just as much impact as what you already know.

So only focusing on the Law of Attraction is a classic “tip of the iceberg” approach.

If you aren’t completely aware that the rest of the iceberg is under the surface, you’re only tapping into the tip of its potential. 

In the same way, you could be struggling with the Law of Attraction because you haven’t been operating with the other 10 Universal Laws!

Here are just a few things you may be experiencing without this awareness:

  • Your health, fitness level and energy may not be where you would like them to be, no matter how hard you try.
  • You may keep running into the same undesirable people over and over again, even though you want to find your soulmate. (Or maybe you feel like you’re in a dead-end relationship, and you just can’t seem to fix it.)
  • You find that you always spend more money than you make, or keep dipping into your savings account, regardless of how much you desire to increase your financial abundance.
  • Maybe you’re not happy in your current career or vocation, and you long for more fulfilling work, but it never seems like the right time to take the next step.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s take a deep breath and quickly review each of the 11 Universal Laws to help you overcome one of the most common law of attraction mistakes!

The 11 Universal Laws of Success

The Law of Thinking

This is where you learn how to fully harness the creative power of your thoughts to shape your reality. This law helps you understand the vibration of your thoughts and how they create the frequency of your feelings and actions, and therefore, your results.

Law of Supply

This Law introduces a concept that shifts your awareness and accelerates your results in success and abundance. It empowers you with the knowledge that the Universe has unlimited capacity to bring every desire into your current reality. 

Law of Attraction ← 

This leads us back to “like attracts like” where you magnetize results into your life that match the energy of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. So if you’re on a frequency of lack and scarcity, you will attract more lack and scarcity. On the other hand, higher vibration thoughts will lead to a higher likelihood of successful manifestation. 

Law of Receiving 

The more you give, the more you empower yourself to receive from the Universe. The keyword here is empowerment. In order to receive all the gifts the Universe you desire, you must have a sense of positive expectation and deserving, and be open to actually receiving the good the Universe is giving you! 

Law of Increase

This Law is all about the power of praise and how to tap into the unlimited energy source that is available to you at all times. When you praise the current life you have and hold gratitude for all that you desire as if your dreams have already manifested, you will continue to receive more from the Universe.

Law of Compensation

This Universal Law can propel you out of the circumstances, situations, or conditions you’re currently in and into a life you love. It’s popularly understood as “you reap what you sow”: so if you plant seeds (aka think thoughts) of success or failure into your life, you will harvest the same results. 

Law of Non-Resistance

Mastering this Universal Law allows your thoughts, feelings, and actions to flow with your desire. So instead of focusing on what you “don’t” want (which causes friction and resistance), you follow the path of least resistance to your dream.

Law of Forgiveness

This Law teaches us that forgiveness sets us free and opens the floodgates for abundance to flow into our lives. Of course, this includes forgiving ourselves and refusing to dwell on past mistakes, blame, or failures. Leaning into a life you love requires that you uproot negative thoughts, grudges, and energy so positivity can grow instead. 

Law of Sacrifice 

This Law teaches us the importance of giving lower vibration energy up for higher vibration thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It means sacrificing the old you, and taking massive action (as well as consistent action in the form of baby steps) towards the version of yourself that’s already living a life you love. In other words, you release what is no longer serving you – including influences and paradigms – to create space for your dreams and desires. 

Law of Obedience 

Obedience can also be called harmony or alignment, and is inspired out of love and positive expectation rather than fear. In short, by obeying/operating in their way, the Universal Laws will work with you. Just as electrical power is all around you and will work with you if harnessed correctly, the Universal Laws operate in a similar fashion.

Law of Success

Working with this Universal Law will help you “keep your eyes on the prize” no matter what your current circumstances, situations, or conditions are. In essence, the Universe is always ready and eager to support and give you all that you desire. Success is your birthright and the Universal Laws will work with you if you work in harmony with them!

Learning how to harness the 11 Universal laws in their entirety may be the key to your manifestation breakthrough and successfully attracting success and abundance into your life. But even an increased awareness can only take you so far. 

Holding on to subconscious blocks is another one of the most common law of attraction mistakes that leads to self-sabotage and causes an unintentional delay in manifestations. 

So let’s do an internal assessment and identify some more of the biggest manifestation mistakes and how to avoid them.

#2 Law of Attraction Mistake: Your Subconscious Blocks May Be Sabotaging Your Results

The secret to welcoming abundance, prosperity, and wealth into your life may simply be about getting out of your own way!

If your internal dialogue sounds like:

  • Why am I not getting what I want?
  • Why is it taking such a long time?
  • It’s too difficult/too much to ask for that.
  • I don’t think it’s realistic to ask for that.

…Let that be a signal for you to shift the frequency of your thoughts and get back into harmony with the Law of Attraction.

I learned this lesson the hard way. 

In the process of building the life of my dreams years ago, I was frustrated beyond all belief that while I “knew” all about the Law of Attraction, I still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted!

A Penny For My Thoughts

When I started off on my teaching journey of life transformation, my family and I left home with $300 to our name and a traveling trailer. 

As we moved from state to state for my speaking events, my husband would look for window washing jobs whenever we were in different places. 

But in Florida we ran into trouble. The crime rate was high and there was a much more senior citizen population, with a reduced income.

In this case, my husband kept getting “no’s” from people when he knocked on doors to ask if they wanted their windows cleaned.

Eventually, we had just enough money to get to the next workshop space, but after about a week, got down to $3.

We had four kids, and we hadn’t been able to get that kind of in-between money that we had always been able to raise.

And as a parent of young kids you don’t want to say, “wow, things are tough.”

Instead, I took a walk on the beach and realized how angry I had gotten.


I remember saying “I thought we were guided to go on this trip and I thought I was supposed to be taking this message out and I’ve been doing that. Where’s the support? We need help.” 

“I just need a sign at least that I am on the right track.” 

And as I said that, I kicked the sand and overturned a shiny penny. 

It wasn’t a dollar, it was a penny — but it caught my attention. 

I picked it up and I saw the words “In God We Trust”. 

It caused me to wonder if I really did; if I really did trust in God or if I was still trying to negotiate with the Laws. 

Again I sort of said to the universe, “Why is there no flow, just a little?” and I heard a voice; a very calm voice that I have learned over the years to distinguish as what I would call the voice of God or the still, small voice. 

What it said to me that day isn’t important to this post. What is important is that you connect with the same voice inside you!

I’ve heard others call it the infinite broadcast of Spirit.

Gandhi called it the voice of truth. 

The Voice of Truth

Gandhi said the voice for truth speaks to every person on the planet every single day and is as loud as our willingness to listen. 

But there is also the broadcast of the human dimension, which is fear, competition, and scarcity. 

The human broadcast is everywhere around us. Turn on your television and you will hear it, read a newspaper and you’ll hear it, talk to a friend and you will hear it. 

The energy of scarcity and fear is being broadcast everywhere because it is the major dominating model of how the world works.

But when Jesus said, “I am in the world but I am not of it,” he was saying “I come from the dimension of spirit. I am connected to the free flow of abundance that is life itself and seeking expression through a portal of my own mind. 

“It is from that place that I multiply the loaves and fishes. It is from that place that I create healings. It is from that place that I know that there is no thing in the world that is greater than the One I am connected to. I know these things.” 

With these words, he is inviting us to live lives of freedom and expression ourselves; to give the full gift of what we came to be and do. 


…It flows through a mind that is open to accessing who you really are and believing in unlimited possibilities. 

And this realization brought me to the brave thinking principles I’m about to share with you now.

How Brave Thinking Helps You Avoid Manifestation Blocks

Our internal dialogue tends to lean towards what I call “Common Hour Thinking”. This is the default setting of fear, doubt, and other low vibrational energy that creates negative emotions and therefore, subconscious blocks to successful manifestation. 

But here at the Brave Thinking Institute we teach people how to use “Brave Thinking” to design affirmations and focus on their dreams with empowered, positive thinking. In this way, you release limiting beliefs and shift your paradigms. 

As a result of years of conditioning from family, culture, upbringing, and other critical social influences, your paradigms determine what’s “normal” for you. 

And while not all paradigms are negative, many of us have unconscious paradigms that limit our potential for success through Dissuasion, Distraction, and Delay (which are all abundance blocks).

It takes a conscious effort to shift your vibrational levels away from those manifestation blocks and into a frequency in harmony with the Law of Attraction. 

And the secret to manifesting anything you dream of is avoiding Law of Attraction mistakes and aligning your thoughts with what you would love, which is exactly what this Law of Attraction technique is all about. 

  • Brings what you desire into the present moment so you can step into the version of yourself that already has your dream life.

EX: “I AM a money magnet! My bank account is open and willing to receive!”

  • Focuses on infinite possibility and not on what seems “realistic” or “normal”. 

EX: “I AM a successful life coach and my income doubles every year!”

  • Creates affirmations out of the law of specificity (a clear, specific vision of your dream) instead of vague desires like “a better house”.

EX: “I HAVE a gorgeous cabin in Canada that I visit every Fall with my family, with 4 bedrooms, 50 acres of land, and beautiful wildlife!”

  • Increases the attractive power of your desires by charging your language with positive, strong emotions.

EX: “I AM a powerhouse constantly flowing with creativity and money-making ideas that people love!”

  • Encourages a sense of worthiness and an attitude of gratitude towards the manifestation of your dreams.

EX: “I AM so thankful for my financial freedom, my perfect 850 credit score, and the time freedom to spend quality time with my kids any time I want!”

By trending your thoughts and dialogue towards brave thinking and language, you amplify your connection to the Law of Attraction and empower yourself to operate all 11 Universal laws of success!

But the secrets to abundance don’t end here.

Because there may be moments where even after understanding all 11 Universal Laws of success and brave thinking, your current dream still doesn’t manifest.

At that point, I invite you to be open to the idea that the Universe is guiding you to something even greater… 

Conclusion: Know When You Should Stop Manifesting and Move On To Greater Dreams

I encourage you to consider that the Universe might be sending you a sign if, even after applying all 11 Universal laws and exercising brave thinking, you’re still not getting the results you desire.

This may be a signal that you are meant for something even greater than what you think you want and the Universe is guiding you in a new direction.

If or when you face any doubt that you may not be on the path that you were meant to follow, remember this:


Throughout your life, you will be guided away from people and situations that don’t serve your highest good in order to experience greater joy, abundance, fulfillment, and fun.

Whenever you feel called to a new vision, something completely different than what you thought you wanted, embrace it! 

I encourage you to be open and willing to start fresh and use your perceived “failures” as stepping stones to a new dream you will love!

And if you would love a proven, accelerated system to manifest your dream and minimize the amount of resets you take, I invite you to download my FREE ebook: Breaking Through Your Hidden Blocks.

In addition to identifying the 3 most common abundance blocks stopping you from achieving the success you desire, it will also reveal what’s really standing in your way, why you’re currently getting the results you have, and how to move forward with a brand new abundance mindset!

Together, let’s overcome your limiting beliefs and paradigms so you can avoid these Law of Attraction mistakes and fully connect to the Law of Attraction and live a life you love!

To your fulfillment and completion,

Mary Morrissey


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