Coping with Your Angry Self

exhausted-woman-picture-id530311247 Coping with Your Angry Self
All stress is basically arising from ignoring our emotional self.  We seem to be bombarded by information on Self love and Self care. Most of the time, we overlook this as people think Self love is synonymous with selfishness, and this in itself reflects a negative emotion. We need to understand that self love is an essential quality,  and emotional self care, is inherently needed by us. 

It is only when the awareness strikes you, that, you are neglecting a certain part of your innerself, which is leading you towards stress, you pick up on your stance, and start focusing on it,  and then start working towards alleviating it. 


This in itself is about creating a plan, which you need to customize, to your own requirements, as each one's emotional requirements are different according to his own inherent needs. A self care plan for a student would obviously be different from that for a retired person. 

Assessing and reassessing certain areas in life is very essential. 


This actually involves healthy coping skills to deal with a lot of negative emotions. This could include anger, anxiety, depressive thoughts etc. It is very important to acknowledge the presence of negative emotions in oneself, and then go about, finding the right methods of dealing with them. 


These need to be handled and managed well,  if we are looking for a happy and balanced life. Just because anger, fear,  frustration, and many other negative emotions are a part of our life, we just take them for granted. They are all basically what makes us walk on the path towards stress. Most people tend to avoid these and ignore them. Though I personally feel we should allow them space within our inner selves. Once we have learnt to experience them,  we must learn to manage them, and not deny their presence. 

Considering there are so many negative emotions overtaking our lives and leading us to stress, each one of them needs to be dealt with on a different note. Today I will deal with one of the main negative emotions, that very easily overtakes our lives, and doesn't allow us to cope with ourselves in adequate Self Care.


It is of course considered natural,  to get angry sometimes. I could almost say,  it is a healthy emotion up to a point. Setting goals like "I'm never ever going to be angry" are rather ridiculous,  as they are extremely unreasonable,  for our own psyche. We need to see it from a more positive perspective. We need to see that if we do not chide ourselves, in the matter of moving forward for certain issues,  we never will. 

We need to express necessary anger in healthy ways. 

It is important to be able to eliminate unnecessary anger too. 


It is important that we understand our feelings, and can interpret, as to why we are in the anger mode. We need to go backwards into the root cause of our angry feelings. It may not be as it appears on the surface. It could have arisen, from a negative emotion, generated from an experience, completely detached from your immediate environment. 


Once you are at a level of awareness,  as to what triggers your anger mode,  it becomes easier to find a solution. 

You basically need to:

1. Examine yourself to see what are your anger triggers
2. Is it traffic that gets you
3. It could be a friend, who really rubs you the wrong way. If this person irritates you, try and ease them away from your life. 
4. If it's a particular music that irks you, do not listen to it. 
5. Activities which you don't enjoy, do not involve yourself with them

Keeping away from irritants will allow you the space to feel free of things, which keep building the anger mode within you. 


Communication should be essentially within a conceded boundary.  This will keep you in balance.  Do not let others intrude your private space. Once you are in your own area, happiness reigns supreme. 


1. Meditation 
2. Breathing Exercises 
3. Physical Exercise 
4. Cognitive Restructuring 

It is important to prioritize Anger Management as anger unhandled can lead to dire consequences. It leads to bad relationships and can act as a threat to health and happiness. Turn it in such a way, that it turns into an asset, by acting as a motivator, to enhance your personality, by overcoming anger. 

Experiencing life is a journey everyone needs to undertake with a level of awareness. The journey continues. Making our journey joyous depends on us. Manage your emotions well, live stress free and in joy. 
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