It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Course Correction From The Universe!

Course Correction From The Universe! Can we find the lesson or meaning in the tough times?

Think back to the last time you had your heart set on something — a job that’s perfect for you, a new apartment in the building you’ve had your eye on, the Caribbean cruise you’ve been planning for months — only to see it evaporate in front of your eyes. Someone else (with less experience) gets the job. The apartment sells before you can even make a phone call. Your trip gets canceled because of bad weather. 

No matter how “zen” you might consider yourself, it can be hard to not feel disappointed and let down when your dream bubble is burst into one big cloud of “WTF?!”

But have you ever then found out later that your sidetrack actually led you to something better — or at least helped you avoid a nasty situation? The new company ends up going bankrupt… you found a better apartment a month later at a lower price… the refund for your canceled trip gave you a cushion in your bank account that you ended up needing for car repairs. 

Suddenly, what seemed like a curse is actually a blessing — or a lesson — in disguise. 

I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened to me, where something I wanted desperately seemed to be taken away, but what I got instead was what I was meant to have all along! 

Prime example: Most of my life, I knew I was going to be a singer. There was no doubt in my mind. I was born to perform, and even had recording deals and multiple albums. I was on my way! But then my singing career hit the rocks, and I couldn’t understand it. This was my path… wasn’t it? Little did I know that what would replace a singing career was this wild and wacky world of Oracle Cards, including TV shows, radio shows, books, Oracle Card decks, traveling and speaking around the world, and yes, sometimes singing (whether you all want to hear it or not!). Now, as much as I love to sing, I can’t imagine living another life. I’m doing what was meant to do. 

Wisdom and insight come with time. In the moment, though, it’s not easy feeling like you’ve been sideswiped by Spirit. You can feel disappointed, betrayed and let down — and left wondering if you did something wrong. Like if you’d just meditated more or done some metaphysical juju you could have avoided whatever hurtful situation you’re now facing.

Rejected when you thought they were THE ONE? Ouchie! 

But what if we looked at these challenging situations from a different perspective — as a way the Universe uses to teach us and protect us?  

I like to think of this in terms of Oracle Cards. When I’m working with newer students, they often are downright scared of what we call “reverse cards,” or cards that appear upside-down in their reading. Sometimes this is a holdover from their experience working with other divination tools, such as the medieval interpretations of the Tarot, where reverse cards have been associated with bad news or have a “dark” quality to them. 

I see reverse cards — and events! — very differently. I believe they are a way the Universe is actually protecting us… and so I refer to them as “protection cards” in several of my decks, such as Wisdom of the Oracle and Spirit Animal. 

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you and your best friend are single and ready to mingle, and you’re out on the town, (assuming you’re allowed to…!)  dressed to kill with face masks bedazzled with crystals and glitter, and excited as heck. A total hottie comes up and starts putting the moves on you. You’re ten minutes into the conversation and imagining what beautiful babies you’ll have together (once you’ve had your Covid tests of course). That’s when your BFF leans over and says, “That one’s bad news. He two-timed Sheila and Jae, and Marie says he still owes her a thousand bucks.” 

If you’re smart, you’ll smile, excuse yourself, and get the heck away from this disaster on two (very cute) legs. You just saved yourself a ton of heartache, right? 

Yes, you’re disappointed that your Mr. or Ms. 10 turned out to be sub-zero, but aren’t you glad you didn’t invest a month or 20 in a relationship with this loser? All thanks to a little protection redirection from someone who’s got your best interests at heart. 

Here’s another example. This one happened at Oracle School a while back. Students were pulling one-card readings, and one woman pulled the Soulmates card in reverse, about a relationship she was about to enter into. What this card reminded her was that this current guy she was thinking about was bringing up all kinds of familiar patterns, unhealthy stuff from relationships in her past that she wanted to move beyond. Yes, she had been all excited about meeting this man. But because she was open to the message from the Universe, this card helped her see what she’d been ignoring — the unhealthy patterns she was tempted to fall into again. This gave her the opportunity to make a different choice and avoid heartache and struggle. 

What if this is what the Universe is doing all the time? I firmly believe we’re creating reality between two pillars of truth. On one hand, we co-create in partnership with the divine. Our thoughts and feelings create an energy field that draws circumstances to us. But on the other hand, we must accept life on life’s terms. We don’t always call all the shots. Sometimes we get a big piece of suck pie served to us. The question then becomes, can we find the lesson or meaning in the tough times? 

That job you would have given anything for? Maybe the boss is a jerk, or the company was going under. The soulmate who’s moving cross-country the month after you meet? Maybe there’s some needed growth on both your parts before you’re ready to be together, and if you tried to connect now, it would be too soon and it wouldn’t work out. You can’t see all that, but Spirit can. 

Reverse cards in an Oracle Card reading are ways the Universe protects and directs you. The same goes for things we might consider “reverse events” in our lives. Unexpected and potentially unwanted redirects can be protectors, opportunities to do things differently and make new choices (this post is specifically about our individual, personal choices and situations, but I’ve talked a lot in recent months about how we as a collective are being given a grand opportunity to rethink everything and create something new!). So those obstacles, disappointments, twists and turns in the road… instead of thinking of them as setbacks, think of them as Divinely inspired protection, think of them as the Universe’s way of steering you and helping you correct course when needed. 

Remember, you are so very loved. Trust that everything is working out for you — even if you can’t see it right in this moment. Two sayings here come to mind. “What is for you won’t go past you” and “Rejection is God’s protection”. 

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