Creating A Conscious Balance

true-mindfulness-is-the-ultimate-goal-picture-id1162100787 Creating A Conscious Balance
Stress is actually the answer to all our fears and phobias. Once we learn to understand and conquer these fears, stress is definitely on the run to elimination. We have to realize that we have a Higher Self which is actually responsible for all the decisions in our lives. This vibrates at a higher frequency than our Physical Self.  It helps us to access all the information from the Universe. Creating a conscious balance between these two selves is what will give us the true answer. 

The balance you create with your Higher Self and your Physical Self is what helps you to access all the information, power and resources you need, to create a joyous and happy space within. Working towards creating this balance, is what is inherently essential. 

Since we all live in the time space zone, we are caught in the limitation of our physical being. This is what is creating all the various types of stressors in our life. We need to allow ourselves to open up to our Unlimited Reality, and also to the Infinite Realm of unlimited possibilities that is available to us. 

This is essential. As long as we remain within the clutches of fear, we will keep treating Time as our enemy. In fact, it seems to us, that all external factors are our enemies. The fear energy fills our personal space and pursuits with an urgency that sabotages our happiness. We need to release this fear energy. 

This will radically change the experience of fear. We will have a broader more peaceful approach to everything, including the pursuit of our goals. 

Once we come to know the ultimate truth of our existence,  our journey towards happiness becomes more predictable, and more joyous. When you feel a level of calm and safety, you can transcend your perceptions of limited time and restricted opportunity. Your inner self learns to open up to the infinite and unlimited reality that is present in the here and now. 

All the solutions we seek as answers to all our problems are available in the Universe. Trust and peacefulness comes to us when we are willing to release worry. If we are even feeling doubt or confusion regarding any answers we are looking for, we need to just open up to the wisdom accessible to our Higher Self. 

Our spirit self is the storehouse of all our personal characteristics. Qualities such as confidence, wisdom, courage, determination,  love and hope are the main characteristics. We require to have the willingness, to bring these qualities to us whenever required by us for our personal evolution or even to reach a good level of balance and calm.  They could be needed at any situation. They need to be accessible at all times. 

This sounds generic but is extremely vital. We all need to reach a level of calm which is like a deeper sense of relaxation. It is basically a call from deep within ourselves. We can experience it's energy inside our systems. You can actually experience the confidence grow within, feel it fill you up and uplift you. It makes you stronger, with a level of certainty and freedom. Use the feeling to your advantage. This is a great dynamic way to connect to your inner strength. 

The moments of energetic responses is what we can call miracles. 
We will talk about our magical and miraculous lives in my next column. 

Keep on your journey to happiness. 

Be joyous. 
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