Creating a Healthier, Happier World…harmonizing with the divine within!

spirituality-picture-id511101732 Creating a Healthier, Happier World…harmonizing with the divine within!

Research has shown that meditation & prayer are proven practices to increase both physical and mental wellness and support a healthier, longer life.

Meditation and prayer are effective antidotes to stress and support your natural self-healing capabilities.

The Ego Mind Perpetuates Illness

The ego mind is determined to hang on to anger, resentment and the beliefs, ideas and stories of the past that separates us from our own hearts and the rest of the world.

These things perpetuate misery, sickness and suffering. If you truly desire happiness, success and ongoing health and vitality of your body, mind and soul it’s vital you become your own codebreaker!

That way you can break the ego mind’s hold over your life and release the code responsible for negative mind, chatter, anxiety, depression and the desire to hang on to resentment.

Forgiveness is the key

Redefining and using forgiveness is critically important to your overall quality of life, health and happiness.

A Harvard Medical study discovered that unforgiveness can cause:

  • Inflammation
  • Increased cortisol
  • Autoimmune problems
  • Heart disease and cancer
  • Severe headaches
  • Stomach and abdominal problems
  • Increased stress
  • Insomnia

The same study went on to show five major benefits of forgiveness:

  • Reduced stress
  • Better heart health
  • Stronger relationships
  • Reduced pain
  • Greater happiness

Ready to truly forgive and be free to live in harmony with the highest and best good for yourself and others?

We’re excited to tell you about our first ever Global PLATINUM CIRCLES Quantum Healing Experience that will empower you to make that possible – INSTANTLY!

PLATINUM Circles are meetings of like minded people to create a field of love so powerful that participants experience their unity and interconnectedness in life-changing ways.

PLATINUM Circles create a safe haven and invoke the presence of the divine we all hunger for in our lives…a place where people of diverse faiths (or no faith) can share a deep and meaningful experience of the divine within, without subscribing to any specific belief.

We all need a spiritual home to optimize our growth, health and wellbeing and have the life of our dreams—a meeting ground where we can bond in the deepest possible way.

The experience of shared spiritual growth creates a sense of connection to the divine and all life for which there is no substitute.

Our DNA and genetic code expression can be changed by our environment, spiritual practices and community. Sitting in a PLATINUM circle helps develop strong neural pathways that strengthen immunity, longevity and the genetic code for happiness.

Developing new levels of awareness that dance with our genes is a key to finding inner peace and healing yourself, your community, and the planet.

Circles connect you with the meaning and power of your inner world where your ultimate happiness and success originate. C.G. Jung called circles “the archetype of wholeness and divinity.” Developing wholeness and a strong, sustainable connection to divinity is to live a truly enlightened, empowered and inspired life.

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success,

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel

PS… Celebrate World Health Day and Live as the Healthiest, Best Version of You – join our first Global PLATINUM CIRCLES Quantum Healing Experience, April 30th 6:30pm PT

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