Creating Our Own Reality

As the world heals slowly from the advent of the Pandemic, the spirits of mankind also, heal from within. 

The last year has been a depressing year for most people, in terms of finance and emotional well being. Lots of people have struggled with their thoughts within, much as they have been trying to keep their physical health in correct order.

The world on the whole has emerged stronger on a level of consciousness, yet on a more individual note, we need to address the underlying issues of the human psyche, in order for them to be sorted, and for humanity at large to be happier and joyful.

What creates the most amount of emotional pain, is negative thoughts. These in turn attract negative consequences or take the individual , into a lot of mental and emotional pain.

Research has shown, that humans have a capacity to react to negative thoughts, much stronger than to positive patterning.We have to constantly keep stretching ourselves the extra yard to be positive. Constant practice is essential, in the form of prayer, meditation, positive affirmations.

The brain inherently seems to have a negative wiring.. Humans seem to invite nasty thoughts and then take on to a lower vibration route. This creates a negative spiral, which takes it further downward, creating a fear factor in the psyche. We are all vibrating at a certain frequency, and to keep this at a good level, we need to maintain positive thinking.

We, by maneuvering  our thoughts can create a positive spiral which in turn will raise our vibration level.
These are sentences of positivity, and they can take you to that state through disciplined repetition and a level of faith and trust in divine.

These can bend reality. You actually have the power of prayer to change your negative wiring to positive. Prayer can convert your previously negative and hopeless circumstances to a positive reality.

You can actually change your thought patterns, so that you can change your reality. Life is a series of thoughts, and we are completely controlled by them. Even our DNA patterning changes shape with our thinking patterns.

Through prayers we can get into alignment with the Universe. In this new state of alignment we can get what we want. The change through our prayers is irreversible, as it can change our DNA patterning.

It is important that you seize every opportunity that comes your way. Change the pattern of your thoughts, to the way you want them to be. Dr Herbert Benson MD has said that repetitive use of certain words and sentences can alter your reality. You can change your own personal condition, to the way you want. You have the power to change your toxic reality to a better one by changing lower vibration thoughts to higher ones.

So much can be created when we remain in a state of balance and let go of our limiting thoughts of negativity. It is up to us to create our own reality. 
To Live In The Now, Start From The Ground Up
Wake up to the Place of Power Within

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