Divine Energy

Divine Energy - Dr. Rev. Temple Hayes
Divine energy is present in everything… from the ocean to the tallest tree, from the smallest blade of grass to a human being. All is energy,and all is God substance and God essence. 

Quantum physics tells us energy is working from the very edge of the universe to within the subatomic level. Energy is God expressing in, through and all around us.

Energy is creative and given freely to those who allow it. 
Why do we lack energy? We have self-imposed limits within our belief system which are holding many false beliefs about our age, our bodies and our physical beings.

When we want more energy, we simply need to express more of God in, 
through and around us.There is an infinite amount of energy available to us,and if we are willing to change our beliefs, we will align with the truth (see Truth),and make wise choices in our physical and spiritual realities

In her latest offering of spiritual treasures, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes sets out to energize readers in coming alive with passion in "Being a Difference Maker: A Guide for Living Life Out Loud."

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