What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Burnout

There’s no denying it… building a business takes energy, stamina, resilience and a bucket-load of grit.

If you’re constantly aiming for the next level of success without caring for your number one asset – (that’s you, trailblazer) – then you’ll undoubtedly move towards exhaustion, where so many entrepreneurs end up at some point.

When you’re feeling exhausted, every day feels like you’re pushing through a thick cloud of fatigue and brain fog.

Thinking clearly becomes challenging.

You start to make poor decisions – and you procrastinate on tasks you’re too tired to deal with.

Your productivity levels and enthusiasm and drive for your business plummet, making you feel even more frustrated and overwhelmed.

Thinking you just need to do more and try harder makes you feel even more exhausted.

The ripple effect to the rest of your life can be devastating, as you’re too tired to maintain relationships or consider having a social life.

And the risk to the success of your business is real.

Research conducted by CB Insights showed that 13% of start-ups fail because their founders have lost focus, 9% fail because they’ve lost their passion, and 8% fail due to founder burnout.

That means 30% of start-ups fail due to the emotional state of their founders. Whoa!

The pathway to entrepreneur burnout

This article on Inc summarised the 12 stages that lead to burnout that psychologists identified:

Do you recognise some of these behaviours in yourself?

If you do, it’s time to turn things around so you can avoid burning out completely.

If building your business feeling as tired as you are now is hard, as those statistics suggest, it’s near impossible to do while you’re burnt out.

Before I give you some steps you can take to turn your health around, I’m going to share some insights on why you’re so tired, and why you may be experiencing other symptoms as a result of stress on your body.

In doing so, I hope to give you the impetus you need to take action now, before you burn out.

Because, speaking from experience, burnout isn’t a pretty place to be.

So… why so tired and foggy?

The most common reason entrepreneurs are so tired is because they have adrenal dysfunction.

In adrenal dysfunction, the adrenal glands that play a vital role in your energy production and stress response no longer function properly.

This happens from the constant hustle n grind, which places too much stress on your body, leaving no time for your body to relax and repair.

There are typically three stages of Adrenal Dysfunction, ranging from feeling moderately stressed and tired to completely exhausted.

The latter stage is often called ‘burnout’ or ‘adrenal fatigue’ – AKA Entrepreneurial Exhaustion.

When you’re this tired, a holiday or extra sleep may give you some relief, although still leaves you feeling less than your once vibrant self.

Here are just some of the symptoms of adrenal dysfunction:

Can you relate to any of these symptoms?

If you do, keep on reading, as I’m now going to show you how those symptoms are connected.




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