Short Talk & Meditation: Forgiving and Freeing Our Hearts

Forgiveness for others becomes possible when we’ve held our own being with great compassion. This short talk and guided meditation brings forth our most awake and tender presence as we ask for forgiveness, offer care to the woundedness within us, and then extend forgiveness to another who has hurt us. (from the Spring 2018 IMCW 7-day Silent Retreat)

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The Natural Flow of Compassion

Compassion is natural — moments of compassion come in the flow of life.

Do You Care?

The Practice:
Have compassion.


Compassion is essentially the wish that beings not suffer — from subtle physical and emotional discomfort to agony and anguish — combined with feelings of sympathetic concern.


You could have compassion for an individual (a friend in the hospital, a co-worker passed over for a promotion), groups of people (victims of crime, those displaced by a hurricane, refugee children), animals (your pet, livestock heading for the slaughterhouse), and yourself.

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How To Forgive Yourself and Let The Past Go (Video)

We have all done things that we felt bad about and judged ourselves for.

Whether it was:

Bad relationship choices.

The way you handled a break up.

Unwise financial decisions.

What are you still judging yourself for?

Maybe you have been holding yourself hostage, thinking you are a bad person or that God is judging you?

Consider this:

God doesn’t forgive.

Because God never judged you.

And if this is so, then why are you still judging you?

Judging what you did in the past keeps you stuck in the past. You can’t change the past no matter how much you judge.

Holding yourself a prisoner to your past only robs you of your present and limits your ability to create your future.

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My fresh start to 2018- My journey from forgiveness to freedom

I started my new year with the commitment to forgive everyone in my life and drop all the "baggage" that I have carried for all my life. As January 1st was a full moon day, I decided to do a full moon forgiveness meditation as per my spiritual teacher's teachings. My intention resulted in many emotional roller coaster rides throughout the day complete with numerous instances of being triggered. I was very angry and impatient with my son for not getting ready on time, and then later on, I was angry and resentful at myself for my behavior. That evening, in presence of the beautiful full moon I started my full moon forgiveness meditation with four mantras to help me with my intention.

1.     I love myself and everyone unconditionally.

2.     I accept myself just the way I am and I accept everyone just the way they are.

3.     I forgive myself and everyone easily.

4.     I am grateful for myself and everyone's contributions in my life.

The next morning, I woke up again to the beautiful full moon –the first sight from my bedroom window. I felt that this was the sign that my forgiveness meditation was successful and I had dropped all my baggage.

On my drive to work, I was guided coincidently to listen to Panache Desai's Grace online immersion about forgiveness. According to Panache, there is nothing to forgive, because everything is unfolding in Divine order. Instead of forgiving, it is important to feel everything that is arising and respond, instead of react. It is not about forgiving others, but forgiving ourselves for our immature and unconscious reactions to others in the past. All we need to do is to meet ourselves with compassion, as we did the best we could with the awareness we had at that time.

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At the corner of fear and forgiveness

Many have memories of fun-filled afternoons, family vacations, weekends loaded with laughter and wise knowledge being passed from an idealized parent.


What about the others?


The children who shy away from light because they are strangely comforted by the darkness.


How about all of the once innocent children, now struggling adults, who hide inside the shadows that dance along with their lives.


Not every childhood memory is warmly filled. Many are chilled with ice as sharp as knives. Pain that swallows them alive.


What about them?


Those that get denied and pushed aside. The ones that we choose not to see because it makes us uncomfortable or forces us to face our own darkness.

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Dear Old Dad - How to Survive a Turbulent Childhood

My father passed away when I was ten years old, and to say he wasn’t a perfect parent would be an understatement.  He was both drug and sex addicted, and was rarely at home.  When he was around though, he could be really fun and spontaneous; washing everybody in the neighborhoods hair in the kitchen sink, letting us soap our own windows on Devil’s Night, and putting my sister on top of the refrigerator when she stepped on a nail and then proceeding to soak her foot in cottage cheese.

And then there was the other side…

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How To Make Forgiveness Stick And Be Able To Forget

Are you dealing with emotional scars?

Although scars don’t define us, they do leave a lasting mark. The mark ultimately serves as a milestone in our development—and ultimately over time, our relationship with our scars transforms until eventually they become a source of beauty.

Over time, as our perception evolves and as our level of harmony evolves within us, that scar that we’ve experienced emotionally and the emotional wounding will transform.

Eventually, you will evolve on from this moment and you will develop courage to move on from the past.

How do you forget that which caused the emotional scarring? And more importantly, how do you make forgiveness stick to be able to forget? Watch this video to find out:


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Forgiving – short cut to releasing anger

The major key for me in my transformation from an angry person to a person who can simply live life on life’s terms is FORGIVENESS. I can still get angry – although today it is only occasional and most importantly, I am no longer an angry person. Allow me to share my own experience, strength and hope around my process of forgiving and releasing myself from the bondage of my anger.

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High Frequency Forgiveness

What if forgiveness is a high frequency that changes everything including our DNA within an infinite field of compassion? As we go further up and further in, Kennedy describes an experience in Tibet that leads to a powerful turning point and takes us on a direct experience.SONIC INFUSION #2High Frequency ForgivenessMore Sonic Infusions in the coming weeks
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Forgiving Someone Who Will Never Change

Do you wonder if it’s possible to forgive someone who will never change?

Maybe you have a father, or a mother, or a spouse or a sibling—somebody that’s close to you and that you deeply love and care about—who engages in some sort of harmful or negative activities...?

By wanting that individual to change, you’re only perpetuating your experience of suffering. Life isn’t about changing the people around you... It’s about loving yourself. The more you love yourself, the less you’re focused on the people around you and their behaviors. 

How do you begin to love yourself so that you can forgive someone who will never be different and will never change? Watch this video to find out:

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The Wrong Doing of Others

I am filled up and overflowing with compassion this morning for all the “wrong -doers” in my life and in the world - real or imagined. The gift of compassion and understanding is a miracle in my life and is the direct result of being able to forgive others, as well as myself. I say real or imagined because my perceptions and/or attitudes can turn anyone into a wrong-doer. But there have also been profoundly real “wrong-doers” in my life I call perpetrators.

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How To Forgive Yourself

Many of you believe you've done things that may be deemed unforgivable. Maybe you hurt someone or you stood by and allowed something to occur that caused harm... 

You can't hold yourself hostage for the love and the awareness that you didn't have at the time of the incident. You must evaluate yourself based on the experiences that you've had up until this point instead of based on who you were when the original incident occurred. 

Holding on to the guilt, the shame and the unworthiness that you're holding within you, is not serving you and it's not serving the other individual involved either. You must cultivate the courage to let yourself off the hook. How do you let go of the guilt and forgive yourself? Watch the video below to find out:

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The Letter of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a hard thing. It's often regarded as the act of letting someone else off for the wrong they did to us. Usually when people think about this, they think about forgiveness as doing a favor for the person that has done the wrong. Forgiveness is actually more for us and about our journey.

Recently, I had a friend who shared with me how he wrote a letter to his mother who had died from cancer when he was younger. Now, obviously his mother hadn't done anything to him in regards to her getting cancer. She had suffered through an awful disease and ended up losing her life. Still, he had held onto the feeling of his mother abandoning him for years, consciously or unconsciously.

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The Truth of Forgiveness

Forgiving someone for wrong action or words is often cited as a virtue.  But as long as we perceive forgiveness as something we have for the giving, then we are maintaining the notion that the other should have and could have done it differently. We are imposing our idea of how reality should work upon a reality that just is the way it is.

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Forgiving and the Synchronicity of Life

Have you ever thought about someone only to have your phone ring, and lo and behold, it's that person? This past week, life's synchronicity unfolded, presenting me with a moment of awe – a moment of testing if I have moved forward from anger, angst, guilt and regret and into acceptance and love.

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Sticks and Stones

In 2003 I found out I had the BRCA1 gene mutation, which is associated with a very high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. Over a period of a few weeks, I consulted many medical professionals to evaluate my options. They would give me their medical opinion and then I would ask them to take off their lab coat and give me a personal opinion of what they would recommend if it was their wife or daughter in my position. Every single one said that if I was not emotionally attached to my breasts, they would recommend I have a bilateral mastectomy and have my ovaries removed. I knew myself well enough to know that since I was high risk I would probably stress myself out any time I would get a headache or a twinge in any part of my body…especially since I had lumps in my breasts they were following already (which required a surgical procedure twice a year). So I decided that was the route I was going to take, to have preventative surgery.

One day while having lunch with a friend, I explained my scenario and told her my plan to go ahead with the surgeries. She stopped eating and looked at me in disbelief and asked, “ Are you SURE that is what you want to do?!” And I thought about it for a second and said, “Well, yes! I have done a lot of research and have gotten many medical opinions and I feel very comfortable with this decision.” She was shocked and stated, “But you won’t be a woman anymore?!” Now I was the one that was shocked! She continued, “You will be like a neutered pet!” I was flabbergasted…I couldn’t imagine how she thought that a body part was what made me who I was on the inside. Who you are on a soul level has nothing to do with what you look like on the outside. This is just a body part…a piece of the vehicle. How could she think that without breasts or ovaries I wasn’t going to be the same person?!

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How To Be Able To Forgive And Let Go

Are you still carrying within you the burdens of the past? Things that have happened to you that you simply just can't forgive or move on from?

As much as you may be justified in holding onto these things, in actuality, it's just further keeping you trapped in limitation. As long as you're holding onto the slights or the traumas of the past, you can't be available for the love and the blessings that are arising in the present and the glorious life that is emerging in the future.

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Forgiveness and Relationships

Forgiveness is a ‘funny’ thing – meaning that people often confuse forgiveness for condoning - but nothing could be further from the truth. Forgiveness is an act that is voluntary and intentional. It's an active state of being in which the victim changes their feelings towards the one who has offended them, lets go of negative feelings such as being vengeful and angry, and, over time, is able to wish the offender well. Condoning is failing to see an action as wrong and not in need of forgiveness. There is great value and utility when we are able to forgive another person, but even more when we can forgive ourselves. Studies show that people who forgive are healthier and happier compared to those who continue to harbor resentment.

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