It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Embrace the Challenging Conditions that Change You


Do you feel like you can’t embrace anything these days? You go to the store and encounter a scowling face. You hear some bad news, or you get a call, and you have a terrible reaction. You don’t want to embrace it. You want to erase it! How many of you wish you had a giant eraser? And isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do most of our lives when things go wrong?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live from something that, at any moment, never feels like whatever it’s looking at is too much for it to embrace?

Along the upward path, we must increasingly encounter situations -- interiorly and exteriorly -- that challenge us beyond what we feel capable of going through. These moments are crucial and inescapable for those who wish to awaken to what is true and everlasting. Why? Because, until we realize that the only thing we ever meet in any dark and unwanted moment is our own unexplored consciousness, we will resist the lessons that lead to letting go of the self that mistakenly considers itself apart from these experiences.

Until we’re willing to embrace everything that takes place within us, we’re going to be in a race to escape it. It’s a race we’ve run many times before, and we know we can’t win. 

So, walk out of the race. Drop the part of you that’s convinced it’s possible to change a condition by resisting it, and instead, learn what it means to start bearing what moves through you by bringing what moves through you into the light of your awareness that there is something greater (than you) always working to transform the whole of yourself if you will just embrace it.

If you persist -- and don’t run away from discovering yourself in all its shapes and colors -- you’ll see the day dawn when nothing you meet will be too much for you to embrace.


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