Embrace the Density, Healing Happens


As we move deeper into the change of season that unfolds this time of year, do you experience a sense of loss, of gain, or is it simply a part of the cycle of life? 

Similar to the four seasons, we evolve through a cycle. They are create, sustain, deconstruct (also referred to as destroy), and the void. These cycles are one unified continuum and we are part of the cycle. In fact, the cycle of life is not happening to us, it is us. We are all this one unified field, nothing is separate from us.

It is only our mind that decides that separation exists. In that decision, we become an isolated entity on this planet, rather than part of the cycle of life.

As we navigate these cycles, there are moments we experience density, chaos, or darkness – moments when there doesn't seem to be a sign of love or light. Those moments are misperceptions as we reach the edge of our conscious awareness. They are where the light of consciousness has not yet illuminated those aspects of the Self here in this dimension.

We're here to train the mind to perceive our wholeness, the Soulful Self. The most effective thing we can do is teach it to serve love – to serve the soul.

As the mind learns to serve the soul, it refines itself. The mind becomes the greatest tool on Earth because now it is more interested in loving than it is in needing to be right or proving anything

The mind becomes a beneficial presence for you, and for humanity.

At some point along the cycle, a question I often get is, “Why do we come here at all?”

One reason we come here is for experiences. We desire to bring consciousness to the frontier of density and evolve it here. We bring high frequency light, pure consciousness, to where humanity is waking up to its power as the creative force on this planet.

No matter the “season” you're experiencing, what you're actually here to realize is, life isn't supposed to be hard. We are here to remember that everything is in our favor.

Yet especially during this season of extra family time, or lack thereof, life can feel challenging. We are in a dense reality here in this dimension. The truth, who you are, is actually a high frequency being who exists in this dense reality. We have also created a dense version of ourselves, so that we can relate here.

If we can bring this consciousness that we are all the way here, embodied, we start to heal all these misperceptions about life being hard. We start to perceive differently the experiences we had growing up.

As more of you lands here, you evolve your ability to choose love. You bring love to the circumstance rather than defend the protective personality's tendency to feel like a victim, or it's need to be right or to prove something.

The byproduct is we end up healing on an emotional, mental, and physical level, because our spiritual essence gets to fully integrate. This is what was intended to happen when you came so that you manifest in a sustainable way.

When we start to embrace the idea that, “I am all of humanity,” we make decisions that are loving to all. When your decisions are heart-based, you choose things that allow everyone to win. They're not competitive. 

As we embrace that idea, we realize we are all so interconnected, none of us win unless all of us win . None of us heal until all of us heal. It is a both/and.

One simple exercise to feel the interconnectedness is to relax your body. Let's do this right now – relax the muscles in your back and chest. Whether you feel it or not, you drop out of your head and into your body. You start to breathe with a big, open, free belly, which relaxes the muscles in your pelvis and in your hips.

It only takes a moment for you to find yourself dropping in and sitting down inside this body.

This dropping-in is part of the density. It's a heaviness that is gravity and this is how we come here. When you embrace this heaviness, which we so often desire to avoid, and allow the effects of gravity to help you land in this body, it becomes a beautiful support. 

When more of you lands here, you start to experience the fullness of your being and healing happens – for you and for humanity.

As you are move through the cycle of life, I invite you to watch (or re-watch) this short video about the Seven Essentials to Vital Health and remember what matters most. 

With Great Love,

Dr. Sue

As Dr. Sue says, the Energy Codes enable you to “build a set of circuitry so you can live from deep, intuitive space, always guiding your life from a higher vibrational frequency.” If you’re ready to take full ownership of the energy that you ARE…


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