Embracing Change With Intention

Embracing Change With Intention Embracing Change With Intention

As we move towards the end of June, there is so much going on in our hearts, our minds, our world, and the heavens. Yes, Mercury is in retrograde, but that’s not all! This week we’ve also experienced a solar eclipse, a new moon, and the summer solstice… on top of everything that’s been happening in our day-to-day lives. So if you’re feeling a bit… unsettled… that’s natural! It’s all part of the divine chaos that has entered our global consciousness and the beginning of the Aquarian age. 

It feels abrupt because it is. This is a full-on paradigm shift, and although it’s been coming for a while it feels like a giant whomp on our collective and individual noggins. We’re going through momentous change, internally and externally, and it’s critical to give ourselves space and time to adapt. There is still more awesome change to come, and we need to allow ourselves recovery time so we’re ready to do our part whatever that may be. 

I see a huge opportunity in front of us. Yes, it can seem daunting.  Yes, it can seem overwhelming. But this is what is in front of us, today. We’re all being invited at this time in human history to address things that challenge us to our core like the fall out from how we handle the global pandemic, what to do and how to change systemic racism. On top of this we have seismic shifts in the economic system and the health care system and the education system, all the things that have been revealed as not working as well as we need them to. 

Do you ever feel like there is no soft space to land? 

Some days it feels there just is no space- outside or even inside. 

Only gratitude for the teeniest aspect of life saves me. A bird chirping outside my window reminds me of the Consciousness in all things. 

Remember: You’re here for a purpose. None of this is an accident. We are here together at this time to transform together. We are here to make a difference in this crazy world! So how do we do that? 

The first thing we need to do is to be intentional. The thing about intentionality is that we don’t always know what the impact of our actions will be. We can have the best intentions in the world, and we can still mess up. But it’s better to take a step and fall, then not to take a step at all (remember that — it rhymes!)!

Sometimes we take a step with good intentions, but we see we’ve landed in a big puddle of muck. That’s a gift, an opportunity to change, to shift, and to try again. And, it’s gonna happen. Nothing will be solved overnight, and as much as we want to see the healing, sooner than later, it can’t be forced. 

My coach, Ruth King, reminds me of this over and over. She says, “the point is to keep doing it and not worry whether it’s perfect or not. As long as we’re doing it, we keep moving forward.” 

We also have to learn to not take everything so personally. It’s not really about “me,” it’s about “WE.” We are doing this work together, and together we will make a difference. It’s not about the individual, it’s about all of us, together. 

Every human on this planet is feeling uncomfortable right now, and that discomfort can be a sign of growth. All this discomfort and pain… what if it’s one big giant growth spurt for humankind? How hopeful would that be, to remember that on the other side of this pain and discomfort is growth?

And, along the way…remembering to remain in 24 hours, staying present to the Now is a potent kind of medicine and we can spend a moment of silence watching and experiencing the beauty of a tiny chirping bird just learning to fly, and remember the divinity in all things. 


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